Why Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s Iron Bundle is The Biggest RNG-Heavy Threat in the Game

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Iron Bundle is a Paradox Pokemon with high speed, nevertheless it comes at the worth of high-risk moves, making it a tough team member to make use of.

Series 2 of Pokemon VGC begins right now, and for the primary time, the Paradox Pokemon of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet can be used. The Paradox Pokemon are incredibly sturdy, so that they have the potential to shake up the competitive scene. There are plenty of choices for players to select from whether they’re looking for a fierce Dragon-type like Roaring Moon or a hard-hitter like Iron Hands. Iron Bundle is also a good choice for its pace, though Trainers should play a recreation of chance to take benefit of it.


Thanks to how fast it’s, Iron Bundle has the potential to search out plenty of aggressive use in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. However, Trainers should discover a way to make certain that the chances are in their favor when they use the speedy chook. It can additionally be price remembering that opponents can work around Iron Bundle’s velocity by using precedence moves and Trick Room.

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Iron Bundle’s Competitive Potential


Scarlet and Violet feature the Paradox Pokemon that come from totally different eras in time. In Scarlet, the creatures emerge from the deep previous whereas in Violet, they come from the far future. These Pokemon should be stopped as a end result of they are powerful sufficient to pose a risk to Paldea, although that does not imply players can’t catch a pair. One of the Paradox Pokemon gamers encounter in Violet is Iron Bundle, which is the lengthy run type of Delibird. Many players could neglect this creature because Delibird does not have the status of being a competitively viable Pokemon. Despite this, Iron Bundle manages to surprise everybody by packing some spectacular stats and strikes.

Iron Bundle is an Ice/Water dual-type with a metallic body. It stands out because of its extremely high base Speed stat of 136 which makes it the fastest Gen 9 Pokemon. Being quick is extremely useful in a aggressive context, as hanging first permits players to quickly take out a troublesome opponent or set up a method earlier than a foe can interfere. The excessive speed is backed up with a base Special Attack stat of 124 and a base Defense stat of 114. These stats assist make Iron Bundle a formidable foe, though the Paradox Pokemon should be difficult to use, as taking benefit of it requires players to roll the cube a bit.

Iron Bundle’s Risky Moves

The pokedex cover for Iron Bundle in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

As an Ice/Water dual-type, Iron Bundle features access to a bunch of highly effective moves. Using these strikes comes with great danger as a outcome of only a few are completely reliable. This is the case, for example, with Freeze-Dry which is a 70 Power transfer. Thanks to Iron Bundle’s typing, the transfer gets a STAB raise when it is used. Furthermore, it might possibly additionally depart opponents Frozen. The downside is that the move only has a 10% probability of freezing its goal. Having an opponent Frozen could be very helpful, but the odds of it taking place with Freeze-Dry aren’t high.

One of Iron Bundle’s strongest assaults is the Water-type move Hydro Pump. It has 110 Power, although it solely has 80% accuracy. Once once more, gamers have the possibility to reap great benefits, however they should roll the cube to do it. The odds can be increased through the use of Items such because the Wide Lens that increase accuracy, though many Trainers would somewhat arm their Pokemon with an Item that restores valuable HP.

With rumors of Scarlet and Violet DLC swirling around, players may see extra Paradox Pokemon. Though nothing has been formally confirmed, leaks claim that Suicune and Virizion are two of the Pokemon that will receive Paradox types. There can additionally be the chance for the Hisuian Pokemon of Pokemon Legends: Arceus to finally arrive in Paldea.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet can be found on Nintendo Switch.

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