What are the in-game shiny odds?

When it comes to Pokemon Go or any of the video games in the large creature-catching franchise we love there is one factor valued above all else. Shiny Pokemon.

Officially generally recognized as “in a different way colored Pokemon” Shinies made their debut all the best way back in the technology two games of Pokemon Gold and Silver and are treasured for their rarity and uniqueness above all else.

With hundreds of followers across the world dedicated to hunting and catching these uncommon versions, particularly in Pokemon Go, many players wish to know the shiny odds.

What are the Shiny Odds in Pokemon Go?

Unlike the primary sequence games, which have odds as excessive as 1 in 8192, Pokemon Go has the much more cheap shiny odds of 1 in 500 as a baseline.

These odds can typically be increased to 1 in 63 in specific situations similar to uncommon encounters, eligible shadow Pokemon and Mega Raid Pokemon

Other uncommon species similar to Gible have a fee of 1 in 125 and Legendary/Mythical Pokemon have a 1 in 20 chance of being shiny.

The majority of Pokemon Go encounters, nonetheless, will stick to the standard price of 1 in 500

Community Day Shiny Odds

For the Pokemon Go hunter, nevertheless, there are few issues extra priceless than the monthly group days and the featured Pokemon that they put on the pedestal.

Community days have a massive increase in shiny odds for featured Pokemon, giving players a 1 in 25 probability of encountering one.

Some community days also give additional boosts, with quite a few Pokemon getting the increased odds, with raid-day encounters and restricted research encounters going as high as 1 in 10.

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