The Real Reason Final Fantasy 16 Is Only On PS5

Square Enix has stated that Final Fantasy 16 will only be launched for PlayStation 5 consoles, which has disenchanted many followers of the sequence who had been hoping to play it on PC or different platforms. This latest installment within the Final Fantasy series is ready to launch on June 22, 2023, completely for the PS5 and features a new approach to combat. The epic boss battles and heavy action-packed scenes of the game will give players a fresh spin on the Final Fantasy gameplay.


FF16’s summer time release date is approaching fast and after FF15 disappointed many with its slow fight and a world that lacked cohesion – among other grievances – this time around developers appear decided to get it right. The long-running RPG franchise is looking to revitalize itself with FF16 by providing excellent graphics and epic combat sequences with highly effective Kaiju-like Eikons. One big concern some potential players are having, although, is that the game is not anticipated to be obtainable wherever other than for the PS5.

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PlayStation Is The Only Console Powerful Enough To Run Final Fantasy 16

According to Square Enix, the PS5 is the one platform that is powerful sufficient to handle the large battle scenes with the Eikons and cinematic cutscenes that the corporate wanted to supply. FF16’s Eikons could be its greatest feature, and these fights are a serious promoting level for the sport. In an interview with IGN, FF16 producer Naoki Yoshida (commonly known as Yoshi-P) mentioned, “While you’re battling Ifrit and Garuda and having that massive battle, within the background, the PS5 is loading the following scene. It’s getting ready, so we can seamlessly transfer into it.” Final Fantasy 16 depends on the reminiscence and switch velocity that the PS5 provides, and builders advised IGN that if it weren’t for the console’s capabilities, FF16 would still be within the depths of growth.

Final Fantasy 16 Is Not Expected For PC

Clive in Final Fantasy 16 getting a prompt to dodge an attack. An R1 button icon appears in the middle of the screen and the text below it says

Although the original reveal trailer for FF16 back in 2021 stated that the game can be coming to PS5 and PC, that appears to not be the case. Yoshi-P mentioned in an interview for a Japanese website, which was later translated by Twitter consumer Genki_JPN, that the RPG isn’t coming to PC and as an alternative gamers ought to “purchase a PS5.”

Though disappointing that FF16 on Xbox, Switch, or PC is not going to be taking place any time soon, this does recommend that the gameplay and cutscenes will be of an even greater caliber than previously anticipated for gamers who have a PS5. The immersive surroundings, incredible boss battles, and quality graphics might make Final Fantasy 16 a high level in the illustrious sequence. Time will inform if this option to limit the title to only PS5 will be a wise move by Square Enix or not.

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Source: IGN, Genki_JPN/Twitter, PlayStation/YouTube

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