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(Photo: Charles Sims/Unsplash)Less than two years after the PlayStation 5’s debut, Sony is rumored to be working on a model new iteration of the console that may have a detachable disk drive.

Anonymous sources conversant in Sony’s growth plans say the corporate intends to launch an up to date model of the popular console in September 2023, based on tech journalist Tom Henderson. The redesigned console might rectify gamers’ indecisiveness over whether they’d rather personal the disk-compatible version or the digital edition (which, after all, requires finding an out there PS5 within the first place.)

Sony’s new iteration is said to comprise all the same hardware because the PS5s already in the marketplace. The difference lies in its detachable disk drive, which can connect to the back of the console using an added USB-C port. This permits gamers the pliability to add or ditch the majority related to a disk drive without having to sacrifice the console’s frontal aesthetic.

A USB-C port at the front doesn’t essentially imply current digital editions will work with the new disk drive. (Photo: HelloImNik/Unsplash)

According to Henderson’s sources, the plan is to supply the new PS5 each by itself and bundled with the detachable disk drive. Disk drives themselves might also be sold individually in case of damage (or a change of heart). It’s currently unclear whether the brand new disk drive will work with current digital edition PS5s. The PS5 has always had a USB-C port on the front, and while it does assist exterior storage, that doesn’t guarantee it’ll work with the new drive.

Should every little thing go to plan, the redesigned console will replace all three PS5 chassis Sony has bought so far. The chassis dubbed A comprised the PS5’s physique when it first hit the market in November 2020. The B chassis, which was integrated into PS5s offered in August 2021 and later, shed 11.6 ounces from the unique design by using a smaller heatsink. A C chassis took this a step further earlier this month by utilizing a good smaller heatsink, in addition to a redesigned motherboard and an extra heat pipe. All advised, today’s PS5s are 1.1 pounds lighter than those bought during the console’s debut.

Sony is expected to supply 18.5 million models of the model new PS5 in 2023. The company will only manufacture 12 million consoles utilizing the previous chassis as A via C are phased out.

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