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Some fourteen years on from first release, Risen as soon as once more rises, this time making land on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch. 

Available to purchase and download proper now on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, PS5, Switch and PC, the 2023 version of Risen takes what first launches on PC and Xbox 360 means back in 2009, porting it out for a contemporary era player. 

Originally Risen was pretty nicely received, doing sufficient to spawn a few sequels, with Risen 3: Titan Lords our final foray into the series, as we took in a half first rate journey through a land of fantasy, intrigue and rum back in 2014, reviewing on Xbox 360. 

But now it’s all concerning the port of the unique as we head again to the volcanic island of Faranga and as soon as more get fully terrorised by a host of monstrous creatures. It’s the doing of THQ Nordic as they make sure that the sport runs easily, with full console support in place. A reworking of the UI has been promised too, while the removing of any loading screens should mean that we’re looking at a pretty seamless adventure. 

That adventure must be a good un too as we delve into the gritty, massively atmospheric world of Risen, understanding that each motion has a consequence. We’ll get to grasp the sword, study the art of staff preventing, become a robust mage, and forge paths across a land crammed with mysterious earthquakes, fearsome monsters, and unimaginable treasures.

And it’s that mysterious volcanic island of Faranga with which we’ll call residence, that and the heavy tremors which bode sick for its inhabitants. See, as historic temples have risen from the bottom, they are bringing with them bizarre creatures that terrorize the world – are you brave enough to face the dangers? 

There’s tons on provide in Risen, with the key options of this new port on Xbox, PlayStation, Switch and PC coming in as…

  • Port of the cult RPG with full gamepad controls and reworked UI
  • Open world action RPG where every motion has consequences
  • Divided into 4 chapters, letting you decide which aspect you’ll join
  • Over 20 totally different spells to choose from, forged both via scrolls or runes
  • Fully seamless world streaming assist – No loading screens
  • With each level, your character will learn and enhance their skills
  • Countless aspect quests and creatures to discover
  • Over 60 hours of immersive open world gameplay

You’ll find Risen on the Xbox Store for Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S, priced at £24.99. It’s also on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch and PC (Steam, updated too). Stay tuned for our evaluate.

Game Description:

Faranga wants a model new hero – will you heed the call? Delve into the gritty and atmospheric world of Risen, the place each motion has a consequence. Master the sword, study the artwork of employees preventing, or turn out to be a strong mage, forging your path across a land filled with mysterious earthquakes, fearsome monsters, and unimaginable treasures. A mysterious volcanic island. The island of Faranga’s heavy tremors bode sick for its inhabitants. Ancient temples have risen from the ground, bringing with them bizarre creatures that terrorize the area. Fear and panic are spreading throughout the inhabitants. The finish of all hope? A powerful group calling themselves “”The Inquisitors”” have made it their quest to put an end to these events. They ship an expedition to Faranga, however a ferocious storm takes hold of the ship and destroys it at sea. A hero will come. Miraculously, you survive the shipwreck and are stranded on the volcanic island alone. You end up caught amidst revolt, tyranny, and mystic rituals. It is up to you to decide which means the pendulum of fate will swing.

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