Pokemon VGC: The Best Glass Cannons For Competitive Play

Competitive Pokemon is a well-liked sport among sport and anime fans alike. It tests gamers’ information of battle technique and brings forth a sense of neighborhood. Players can take part in official tournaments, such as the Pokemon Video Game Championships (VGC), Victory Road Circuit, and the Smogon Tour. In competitive matches, gamers can choose to throw offensive or defensive Pokemon onto the battlefield. Offensive gamers often reap the benefits of glass cannons when planning their teams.


Glass cannons are Pokemon with significantly excessive Attack, Sp. Atk, and sometimes Speed stats. However, their defensive stats undergo, they usually risk being KO’d shortly. This is the supply of their title, as they hit hard like a cannon, but are fragile like glass. These Pokemon work greatest on groups with plenty of supportive choices to back them up. With glass cannons, sustaining pace management is especially essential to keep the upper hand. Here are the most effective glass cannons for competitive Pokemon.

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Sharpedo is a glass cannon by way of and thru. Its Attack stat sits high, at 120, and its Sp. Atk of 95 backs it up. In addition, its capability Speed Boost helps with its lackluster base Speed, allowing it to tear through its opponents. Players can play a dangerous game utilizing Hydro Pump, its most powerful Same-Type Attack Bonus (STAB) possibility, however the pay-off is well value it if it lands.

However, players should use Sharpedo with warning. With the wrong staff, its abilities are obsolete due to its susceptibility to taking injury. Sharpedo is a glass cannon that players can keep of their back pockets as a secret weapon, but it struggles as a front-runner. Nevertheless, it has the offensive functionality to be an enormous risk towards weakened groups.


Weavile is a greater than satisfactory glass cannon. Its best traits are its 120 base Attack and 125 base Sp. Atk. Its Dark/Ice typing delivers many STAB options. Ice Shard, particularly, grants it precedence. So, knocking out weakened opponents is more doubtless, and it can achieve the advantage when taking on Dragon-types, which is a notoriously challenging type to take care of.

Including a great assist Pokemon on their team allows players higher use of Weavile and the prospect to show off its exceptional Speed. But, it lacks in bulk with a low HP stat and even decrease Defense, so be wary of passive injury from entry hazards and status conditions.


Espeon sets itself aside from the other Eeveelutions as a glass cannon due to its robust Sp. Atk. (130) and Speed (110). It does nicely as a special attacker and manages to hit more durable and quicker than expected, allowing Espeon to maintain up with the facility of newer generations. Additionally, its Psychic typing offers it decent sort immunity, and it might possibly use Calm Mind to boost its offensive Special Moves.

The transfer Morning Sun offers it somewhat restoration ability and extends players’ time to work with Espeon. Its Hidden Ability Magic Bounce allows it to mirror non-attacking moves like stat-decreasers, status circumstances, and entry hazards again onto the consumer, hindering hazard users and status-changers in competitive Pokemon.


Pokemon VGC Gengar

Gengar is a normal glass cannon. Its Ghost typing considerably makes up for its low protection stats by making it resistant to Normal- and Fighting-types. It’s an offensive powerhouse with a Speed stat of 110 and Sp. Atk of 130. It additionally isn’t deterred by many entry hazards due to its ability, Levitate, which additionally makes it proof against Ground-type moves that deal injury.

Its movepool incorporates good STAB options with Shadow Ball and Sludge Wave at its disposal. Some help options embody but usually are not restricted to Will-O-Wisp, Taunt, and Disable, which give it a slight edge defensively. Excellent move coverage means it can tackle nearly any Pokemon — as lengthy as it moves first.


Boating the very best base Speed in Generation VIII and prior (200), Regieleki’s moves are all but assured to hit first. Equally impressive is its ability Transistor that boosts Electric-type strikes by 50%, so its STAB strikes are detrimental to Water-types like Kyogre or Lapras. Pair Regieleki with an ally like Tapu Koko, who has the power Electric Surge, and it is a threat to all Pokemon that are not resistant or immune to Electric-type moves.

While playing it as an offensive Pokemon looks as if the obvious selection, it can fill a defensive role with the right moveset. It is equipped with stunning help moves similar to Reflect and Light Screen in order that it could set up screens when given an opportunity. Alternatively, players can use strikes like Protect and Thunder Wave to stall opponents. With that being mentioned, Regieleki’s Speed makes it a fantastic choice competitively, no matter battle technique.

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