Pokemon TCG: 10 Best Poke Ball Cards

Few objects in gaming are more iconic than the Poke Ball. This little item represents a complete fandom and franchise and thus has seeped into all forms of Pokemon media. The Pokemon Trading Card Game isn’t any exception.

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Throughout the historical past of the card sport, Poke Balls of all varieties have been printed, and most have been rather sturdy. These Item playing cards all revolve round getting Pokemon out of your deck, both into your hand or instantly onto your Bench. They all have different flavors and limitations, but listed beneath are the best ones.

Honorable Mention: Ball Guy

Ball Guy is not actually a Poke Ball card, however he’s a hilarious-looking character, and his impact relies on utilizing lots of Poke Ball playing cards. He’s doubtless the best Supporter in relation to Poke Balls, and thus, he deserves a nod in a listing filled with Poke Ball playing cards.


10 Repeat Ball

Repeat Ball from the Pokemon TCG, with blurred background

The Pokemon TCG is all about consistency. Many competitive decks are filled with draw energy, consistency boosters, and several other copies of the identical card. With that being the case, Repeat Ball may seem great at first look. This card lets you search your deck for a Pokemon with the identical name as considered one of your Pokemon in play.

While that is a decent effect in a vacuum, it is not often been preferred over other, higher Poke Ball cards, solely being used as an extra choice. That’s as a end result of Repeat Ball can’t begin the chain of the same Pokemon and thus requires extra steps to operate. While still good, it is overshadowed by some others.

9 Ultra Ball

Ultra Ball from the Pokemon TCG, with blurred background

Ultra Ball has been within the card game for a protracted time, and it has been used constantly for many of its lifespan. Ultra Ball requires that you just discard two different cards from your hand to have the ability to play. It can search any and all Pokemon, although, which is incredible.

Most of the stronger Poke Ball playing cards prohibit the sort of Pokemon you possibly can search, whether or not it’s solely Pokemon of a certain sort or a selected evolution stage. This makes Ultra Ball great, as its impact is Pokemon-agnostic. The price may seem steep at first, however Pokemon TCG is a recreation with tons of draw power, so it’s hardly ever detrimental to discard a number of.

8 Quick Ball

Quick Ball from the Pokemon TCG, with blurred background

Quick Ball is a less expensive alternative to Ultra Ball. This card requires you to discard one card however solely searches for a Basic Pokemon as a trade-off. This could look like it is limiting at first, but particularly in sure time intervals, it is mainly a cheaper Ultra Ball.

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Pokemon has been all about big primary Rule Box Pokemon. These are your Pokemon-EX, V, and Tag Teams. In metagames, where these sorts of playing cards are everywhere, Quick Ball is the best card to incorporate, as they qualify for it regardless of being a few of the strongest Pokemon. The recreation seems to be steering clear of this type of Pokemon lately, with VMAX, VSTAR, and now Pokemon-ex being evolution Pokemon, which may hint at the finish of Quick Ball’s reign.

7 Level Ball

Level Ball from the Pokemon TCG, with blurred background

On the entire different end of the spectrum is Level Ball. This card solely searches for a Pokemon with 90HP or less. This means none of the beefier Rule Box Pokemon qualify, and a lot of evolution Pokemon additionally fall out of the bounds of Level Ball.

However, this card nonetheless finds a slot in many single-prize decks. These decks make the most of weaker Pokemon in order to surrender fewer Prize Cards. Most of those evolution traces start with a Pokemon with less than 90HP, so Level Ball is a good different to Quick Ball for them. Level Ball also saw some play with Galarian Zigzagoon, which was a tech card included in tons of decks for some time.

6 Nest Ball

Nest Ball from the Pokemon TCG, with blurred background

Nest Ball permits you to search your deck for a Basic Pokemon and put it instantly onto your Bench. At first look, it may seem like a strictly better Quick Ball, nevertheless it’s extra of an alternate as opposed to an improve. Nest Ball, for example, puts the Pokemon onto the Bench directly, which suggests you can’t use some Abilities, corresponding to those of Dedenne-GX, Crobat V, and Eldegoss V.

You may also need to discard playing cards to control your hand size and draw more from playing cards that draw you playing cards until you have a sure quantity. When all these elements are thought-about, Nest Ball ends up being a really robust alternative to Quick Ball, which sure decks opt for.

5 Timer Ball And Dual Ball

Dual Ball & Timer Ball from the Pokemon TCG, with blurred background

Dual Ball and Timer Ball are similar cards, separated by almost 20 years by means of their first prints. Both of these cards let you flip two cash and search your deck for a Pokemon for each heads. Whereas Dual Ball can search only Basic Pokemon, Timer Ball solely searches for Evolution Pokemon.

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In most TCGs, depending on luck is mostly thought of to be bad. However, Pokemon TCG is so draw-oriented and fast-paced that doubtlessly whiffing on a single card utterly, with the prospect of a very robust optimistic outcome, is actually worth it. Timer Ball particularly grew in recognition because of the extraordinarily sturdy Evo─▒lution Pokemon beneath the GX, VSTAR, and VMAX tags.

4 Dive Ball

Dive Ball from the Pokemon TCG, with blurred background

Dive Ball has a unique limitation than discard costs, it could solely seek for Water-type Pokemon. With no other drawbacks, it’s the go-to Poke Ball for Water-type oriented decks. There’s almost no purpose to play different Poke Ball cards when all of your Pokemon qualify to be searched by Dive Ball.

This card noticed aggressive play in a myriad of Water-type decks similar to Alolan Ninetales-GX, Keldeo-EX, and most importantly, Greninja BREAK. This card is a staple every time it is allowed in a format where there’s at least one good Water-type deck.

3 Cherish Ball

Cherish Ball from the Pokemon TCG, with blurred background

Cherish Ball is yet another strong card, solely restricted by the format, identical to Dive Ball. This card allows you to search for a Pokemon-GX and put it into your hand. This means it was once a free search for any Tag Team Pokemon, on top of several strong evolutions of Pokemon-GX.

This card noticed tons of play during the Arceus & Dialga & Palkia-GX period when that card was all over the place. Cherish Ball discovered a home for itself on many lists, though, as even a few tech cards like Dedenne-GX made it worth playing instantly.

2 Heavy Ball

Heavy Ball from the Pokemon TCG, with blurred background

Heavy Ball, to not be confused with the Hisuian Heavy Ball, has a novel restriction. It can only search for Pokemon with a Retreat Cost of three or extra. Obviously, this made it a great option for decks that played plenty of playing cards with high Retreat Costs.

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This card has been paired with Tapu Bulu-GX, Golisopod-GX, and Wailord-EX in its prime. Unfortunately, what Heavy Ball does can often be achieved by different cards. You may simply use a Cherish Ball or Dive Ball in decks where Heavy Ball was used. Thus, this card never manages to become iconic, solely used as a necessary extra search card or a placeholder until a better various is printed. Still looks badass, though.

1 Master Ball

Master Ball from the Pokemon TCG, with blurred background

In the Pokemon games, the Master Ball is the most highly effective Poke Ball you may get your arms on, however you solely get one in every sport. It’s similar to that in the TCG, as it might possibly get you any Pokemon from your deck, however it’s an Ace Spec card.

Ace Spec playing cards are particular, as you probably can only have one such card in your deck. Unfortunately, Master Ball has some steep competition from the likes of Computer Search, Dowsing Machine, and Life Dew. Despite this limitation, though, Master Ball has the purest, and thus the strongest impact of all, proving worthy of its title.

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