Pokemon Scarlet & Violet: How to Farm Apricorn Balls

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet players have the chance to farm Apricorn Balls including the Fast Ball and Dream Ball, however it’ll value a bit.

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  • Porto Marinada Auctions Give Players Infinite Apricorn Ball Access
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Pokemon Scarlet & Violet gamers have the rare alternative to farm Apricorn Balls in their recreation. The solely actual hurdle is that it’s going to price an entire lot of cash.

Shiny hunting with sandwiches could be very in style in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet. Shiny status isn’t the one aesthetic distinction that Pokemon fans care about, though. What ball a Pokemon was caught in also makes a distinction with many gamers, with the standard Poke Ball being a fashion faux pas based on some.


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Rare kinds of Poke Ball just like the Heavy Ball and the Love Ball can be paired with particular Pokemon for some visible or thematic flair. For an extended whereas, players could solely get considered one of these Poke Balls with each playthrough but in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, gamers even have the ability to farm them through auctions.

Porto Marinada Auctions Give Players Infinite Apricorn Ball Access

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet gamers can get an infinite variety of Apricorn Balls via Porto Marinada auctions. The auctions have an opportunity of offering motion on some uncommon forms of Poke Balls.

pokemon scarlet violet auction house

The Porto Marinada auction home has three tons each in-game day, as determined by the Pokemon Scarlet & Violet day/night cycle. The tons embody quite lots of objects together with therapeutic items, berries for resetting EVs, and virtually each type of Poke Ball within the sport. The list of balls that are available at the public sale home stands as follows:

  • Poke Ball
  • Great Ball
  • Ultra Ball
  • Heal Ball
  • Net Ball
  • Nest Ball
  • Repeat Ball
  • Dive Ball
  • Luxury Ball
  • Dusk Ball
  • Timer Ball
  • Premier Ball
  • Fast Ball
  • Level Ball
  • Lure Ball
  • Heavy Ball
  • Friend Ball
  • Dream Ball
  • Moon Ball

Though most of those can be found at Pokemon Center shops, objects like Fast Balls and the Level Ball have typically been extremely uncommon. In most recent generations, they’ve only been out there as soon as per save file.

Apricorn Balls are among the most expensive items that seem within the public sale home, with costs beginning at $100,000. Prices will sometimes sail nicely past $200,000 so players will want to familiarize themselves with the finest way to farm money in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet.

pokemon scarlet violet auction 2

Though Apricorn Balls do not seem in the Porto Marinada auctions frequently, they have a chance of showing each in-game day. Players can also use a quantity of completely different methods to reset the public sale home selection until they find a desirable merchandise.

How to Reset Porto Marinada Auction House

Players can change what objects can be found in the auction home by changing the Nintendo Switch’s clock. While the public sale tons technically reset every 72 minutes with the change of the in-game day, the quickest approach to get a brand new set of things is to alter the in-game clock. If players shut out of the game, move the clock, and then log again in, it’s going to lead to a new set of things being out there.

There is another choice for many who don’t wish to change their in-game clock that is even sooner. If gamers save in the public sale house, close out of their recreation, wait a while, after which reopen their recreation, it’s going to reset the auction house.

If players don’t see a good merchandise, simply close out of the game and re-open it before saving again. The new heaps won’t be recorded in the recreation, allowing gamers to get a new set each time they return to the sport. Once a fascinating item is found, simply save and begin bidding. This is the fastest way to reliably find Apricorn Balls for farming.

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet are available now on Nintendo Switch.

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