Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Player’s Shiny Hunt Ends Right Away

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One Pokemon Scarlet and Violet player’s hunt for a shiny ends virtually as soon because it begins once they discover one in a handy spot.

One extremely fortunate Pokemon Scarlet player who simply began attempting to find shiny Pokemon ended it nearly instantly when one appeared next to their position on the map. Hunting for shiny Pokemon, also called shinies, is an funding that can take hours and have any variety of outcomes when gamers do discover one, together with nice disappointment when a Pokemon gets away with no method of figuring out when one other one will cross the player’s path.

Shiny hunting has been a protracted custom in the neighborhood, with many finding a thrill in collecting rare variants of Pokemon whose shade scheme differs from others on high of completing the regional Pokedex in every sport. Some even put within the time to make sure they not only complete the Pokedex but in addition take lots of of hours to fill it with all of the shiny variations found in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.


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Reddit consumer Setagawa1078 had this very factor occur to them as shown by a 30-second clip they posted on the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet subreddit. It exhibits them bringing up the map to look at an area containing a pocket of Maschiff, small dog-like Pokemon that later evolve to turn into Masbosstiff. Setagawa1078 investigates the world and discovers within the midst of a handful of Maschiff that one is a shiny. The clip concludes with them saving the game, presumably to make sure that they get another alternative to catch the shiny on the chance they mess up.

While the chances of this occurring are quite low, it does show how usually shinies seem while exploring in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet when in comparison with previous entries, with some feeling as if this improve takes the luster out of amassing them. It’s a sound viewpoint to have as a end result of although the clip itself is somewhat funny, it does come with a quite deflated feeling that discovering what’s supposedly a far rarer variant is just somewhat more exciting than merely finding the standard version. At the same time, it does make the exercise extra accessible to gamers who otherwise won’t have the persistence to look for them.

This enhance may even be seen in other latest stories, together with one during which a participant caught 4 shiny Dunsparce and Dudunsparce and made a submit displaying off their assortment. Regardless of the probabilities, what happened to Setagawa1078 was incredibly fortunate, and if that streak retains up on future shiny hunts, they should haven’t any concern filling up their roster with them.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are out now for Nintendo Switch.

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