Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Fan Designs Human Form for Tinkaton

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An artistically talented Pokemon Scarlet and Violet fan creates a powerful human kind for powerful Generation 9 newcomer Tinkaton.

A artistic and gifted Pokemon Scarlet and Violet fan has imagined what new Pokemon Tinkaton would look like in human kind, with some seriously spectacular outcomes. The particular piece of art is called a gijinka – essentially fan re-designs imagining animalistic creatures in a human-like type – and is one of the latest tendencies in the bustling Pokemon fan art group.

For those who could also be unaware, Tinkaton is a new dual-type Fairy/Steel Pokemon introduced in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet as a part of Generation 9. Despite its relatively innocent appearance with a predominately pink color palette and cutesy design, Tinkaton may actually be the biggest bully of the franchise. According to its Pokedex entry, not solely is Tinkaton’s hammer built from Pawniard and Bisharp pieces, however it is used as a bat to pelt rocks at unsuspecting Corviknight flocks, purely for sport.


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The artistic human model of Tinkaton comes from Reddit user u/crystalsuikun, who posted their creation to one of the site’s main Pokemon Scarlet and Violet boards. The fan drawing imagines the character with a slightly downsized hammer, though it remains at anime-sized proportions. Pink clothing with purple accents maintains the integrity of the original coloring, while blonde pigtails and a well-designed beanie expertly emulates Tinkaton’s voluminous coiffure. In place of the enlarged arms are gloves, with a subtly mischievous expression and pose wrapping the whole fan drawing together.

One of the early standouts from the latest era of Pokemon, followers have been fast to attract Tinkaton in a variety of types. Another piece of Pokemon fan art imagined what it will look like if Tinkaton was from the Galar region. While the fan art would not closely alter the Pokemon’s look just like the one above, it does make its hammer considerably longer, darker, and sharper. Knowing Tinkaton’s bullying nature, the massive reach of the fan-made hammer will surely be intimidating to come back across.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet followers have been drawing more characters than simply Tinkaton in numerous forms. Rather than imagining a new Pokemon as human, one fan has created drawings of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s human characters as Pokemon. The recreation protagonists, along with supporting characters all obtain cleverly-executed Pokemon transformations. The protagonists are Sprigatito and Quaxly, Arven as Rockruff, Nemona as Pawmot, and Penny as Sylveon, all of which embrace components of their human kind labored into their design.

With a definite design, fan-favorite accessory and total misleading allure, Pokemon fan artwork of Tinkaton does not appear to be it will be slowing down any time quickly.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet can be found now for the Nintendo Switch.

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