Pokemon GO: How To Get Kecleon

Looking for the elusive Kecleon, but having hassle discovering it? This information may help.

Pokemon GO has launched completely different Pokemon from throughout each area apart from the newest Paldea region. As new generations had been launched, it got stranger and stranger that a fairly frequent third-generation Pokemon had still not been added to the game. That Pokemon is Kecleon, who has a particular capacity generally recognized as Color Change. Many had speculated that maybe we might finally get it with the upcoming Pokemon GO Tour: Hoenn occasion, but Niantic determined to surprise us all by releasing Kecleon slightly earlier than that.


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Befitting its chameleon-like design, Kecleon in different games has what is named the Color Change capacity that allows it to change from its Normal typing to others after being attacked. This is one cause a lot of people speculated that Kecleon had not been added to Pokemon GO already, however the version that is out there now doesn’t seem to have something special as skills usually are not a factor in Pokemon GO as of this time.

How To Get Kecleon

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Catching a Kecleon is simpler said than done in Pokemon GO, as it’s not simply going to pop up in your map like the vast majority of others. Instead, you are going to actually have to look and get fortunate when trying to find it.

When walking round in Pokemon GO, ensure to begin out checking each single PokeStop that you come throughout since Kecleon likes to cover within them. When clicking on a PokeStop and the icon comes as a lot as spin as per usual, you might notice an “invisible” silhouette that you can barely see. When you try to spin the PokeStop, it’s going to inform you that you can’t spin it at the moment. This means you want to faucet on the actual Kecleon silhouette, and ultimately, it’ll get off of the icon and let you spin the PokeStop.

After knocking the Kecleon off of the PokeStop, you should head back to the world map, and you may then find that one Kecleon spawning on the world map. You probably wish to use some Pinap berries and the like to maximise your Kecleon Candy since it’s one of the less common Pokemon to get within the recreation currently. We also have no idea how long it is going to be available in the recreation either, so make certain to take advantage and catch as many as you can within the meantime.

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Is There A Shiny Kecleon?

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At this level, there is no approach to get a shiny Kecleon within the recreation by discovering it in PokeStops. However, that is about to vary for a choose number of people with the upcoming Pokemon Go Tour: Hoenn event, specifically one of the in-person events.

Those taking part in Pokemon GO Tour: Hoenn across the globe will not be able to get shiny Kecleon, but those who are attending Pokemon GO Tour: Hoenn – Las Vegas could have the exclusive probability to grab the shiny variant. Purchasing a ticket for the in-person occasion in Las Vegas does not guarantee players a shiny Kecleon both, because it only gives gamers the chance to get one across the two-day event. Those not at the in-person occasion will at least be getting a lift in Kecleon showing up although.

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