Pokemon GO: All Regional Pokemon & Where To Find Them

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Ever since its launch in 2016, Pokemon GO has been a huge success. One thing that all seasoned trainers know is that some Pokemon are found solely in sure regions, and those found in this game are no exception.

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Throughout your time exploring, you might notice that some Pokemon just aren’t out there around you. Chances are, when you’re having hassle finding a Pokemon, it’s a area exclusive.

All Regional Pokemon

Overall, there are 53 region-exclusive Pokemon, meaning there are lots of exclusives. Each technology has an inventory of Pokemon solely out there in sure areas of the world. This record breaks those Pokemon down by technology, and in order of their Pokedex number. If there’s one you really need, make positive to verify the list to see if it makes its residence elsewhere.


Generation One – Kanto

#83 Farfetch’d – Eastern Asia

#115 Kangaskhan – Australia

#122 Mr. Mime – Europe

#128 Tauros – North America

Generation Two – Johto

Heracross with a Pokemon Go background

#214 Heracross – Mexico, Central American, and South America (can be seen in southern Florida and Texas).

#222 Corsola – Found in tropical areas between the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn.

Generation Three – Hoenn

Volbeat with a Pokemon Go background

#313 Volbeat – Europe, Asia, and Australia

#314 Illumise – The Americas and Africa

#324 Torkoal – Southern Asia

#335 Zangoose – Asia, Australia, and Europe

#336 Seviper – The Americas and Africa

#337 Lunatone – The Eastern Hemisphere

#338 Solrock – The Western Hemisphere

#357 Tropius – Africa and Southern Spain

#369 Relicanth – New Zealand and its surrounding islands

Generation Four – Sinnoh

Pachirisu with a Pokemon Go background

#417 Pachirisu – North Arctic countries

#422 West Sea Shellos – Western Hemisphere

#422 East Sea Shellos – Eastern Hemisphere

#439 Mime Jr – Eggs from Europe

#441 Chatot – The Southern Hemisphere

#455 Carnivine – Southern United States

#480 Uxie – Asia-Pacific

#481 Mesprit – Africa, Europe, India, and Middle East

#482 Azelf – The Americas and Greenland

Generation Five – Unova

Pansage with a Pokemon Go background

#511 Pansage – Asia-Pacific

#513 Pansear – Africa, Europe, India, and Middle East

#515 – Panpour – The Americas

#538 Throh – The Americas and Africa

#539 Sawk – Asia, Australia, Europe, New Zealand, and Middle East

#550 Basculin – Different types regionally exclusive to east or west of the meridian line

#556 Maractus – South America and North America’s southern states.

#561 Sigilyph – Albania, Egypt, Greece, and Israel

# 626 Bouffalant – New York City and the surrounding cities within the United States

#631 Heatmor – Asia, Australasia, and Europe

#632 Durant – The Americas and Africa

Generation Six – Kalos

Flabébé with a Pokemon Go background

#669 Flabébé

  • Blue in Asia-Pacific
  • Orange and White are worldwide
  • Red in Africa, Europe, and Middle East
  • Yellow in the Americas

#676 Furfrou

  • Dandy and Matron Trim are worldwide
  • Debutante Trim within the Americas
  • Diamond Trim in Africa, Europe, and Middle East
  • Kabuki Trim in Japan
  • La Reine Trim in France
  • Pharaoh Trim in Egypt
  • Star Trim in Asia-Pacific

#707 Klefki – France

Generation Seven- Alola

Oricorio with a Pokemon Go background

#741 Oricorio

  • Baile Style in Africa, Europe, and Middle East
  • Pa’u Style in African, Asian, Caribbean, and Pacific Islands
  • Pom-Pom Style within the Americas
  • Sensu Style in Asia-Pacific

#764 Comfey – Hawaii

#797 Celesteela – Southern Hemisphere

#798 Kartana – Northern Hemisphere

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The Vivillon Habitat Map Niantic Posted Niantic

In December 2022, Niantic announced that Vivillon would come to Pokemon GO. There are eighteen patterns of Vivillon total. The only approach to get this Pokemon is by accumulating and pinning Postcards from different areas around the globe. You need to pin three Postcards from one area to get the Vivillon that lives there. Here are the eighteen different sample areas:

  • Archipelago
  • Continental
  • Elegant
  • Garden
  • High Plains
  • Icy Snow
  • Jungle
  • Marine
  • Meadow
  • Modern
  • Monsoon
  • Ocean
  • Polar
  • River
  • Sandstorm
  • Savanna
  • Sun
  • Tundra

Trainers who purchase all Vivillon patterns will earn a quantity of medals in-game. If you want this, you better begin sending Postcards out to your friends!

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How To Get Regional Pokemon Without Travel

One of essentially the most tough components about having regional Pokemon is that it makes it exhausting for trainers to “Catch ‘Em All.” Sometimes, traveling just is not an choice; particularly touring someplace far away. However, there’s a way that trainers can work round this.


Pokemon can be traded by players. If you’re able to find a trainer from one other region, you can commerce regional exclusives. This would enable both gamers to get Pokemon they otherwise would not have. You also can commerce with players who’ve traveled and have since returned to your region. This would enable you each to get those regional Pokemon.


Throughout the course of the game, Pokemon GO has seen some occasions that have allowed gamers to take residence Pokemon that are not originally from their region. Sometimes, Pokemon are identified to maneuver round from area to region. This is the inspiration for a few of the occasions recognized to Pokemon GO. Trainers who wish to catch regional Pokemon need to maintain an eye fixed out for these events. You can look at present events on the Pokemon GO web site.

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