Pokemon Glitch Accidentally Makes Larvitar Look Cooler

A Pokemon Sun and Moon participant exhibits off screenshots of a graphical glitch that accidentally gave their Rock Skin Pokemon Larvitar an edgy new look.

One player of Nintendo and Game Freak’s basic titles Pokemon Sun and Moon came across an uncommon graphical glitch that gave their Larvitar a cooler, more intimidating appearance. Some followers of the duo of beloved 3DS titles were excited when several of the Generation 7 Pokemon were added to Pokemon GO final yr, giving franchise fans an opportunity to revisit some of their favorite creatures from Pokemon Sun and Moon.

Released for the Nintendo 3DS in 2016, Pokemon Sun and Moon had been launched in tandem with the 20th anniversary of the Pokemon franchise. The begin of the seventh era of Pokemon video games, Pokemon Sun and Moon have been set in the aquatic Alola area and tasked gamers with exploring the game’s Hawaii-inspired islands as they tried to learn more about the mysterious Ultra Beasts. The video games have been typically well-received by players and obtained an enhanced, up to date launch within the type of Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon solely a yr later. Several of the seventh-generation Pokemon would go on to turn out to be fan favorites, with one Sun and Moon fan even modding the flying Pokemon Rowlet into Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.


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In a model new post on the r/Pokemon subreddit, consumer Silver_Sonic_23 shared screenshots of a graphical glitch they encountered in an emulated copy of Pokemon Sun and Moon that gave their Larvitar a decidedly darker, cooler look. Already appearing angsty because of its everlasting scowl and glaring purple eye, the bug adorned Larvitar with black patches across its body and gave the Pokemon a darker, more fearsome look. Fans of the rock-type Pokemon noticed it take the spotlight in Niantic’s popular cell AR game earlier this year as part of Pokemon GO’s Larvitar Community Day Classic Special Research process.

Fans of Pokemon Sun and Moon responding to the submit were entertained by the bizarre graphical glitch. One reply pointed out that the bugged Larvitar appeared like one of many clones from the first Pokemon movie, with one other comment in the same vein joking that it “Looks like Mewtwo’s at it again.” Other posts made mild of the now goth-looking Pokemon’s undeniably edgy makeover, leading one Redditor to quip “It’s not just a glitch, mom! It’s who I am!” Another reply thought the bugged and blackened Larvitar looked like it had been the sufferer of a Curse Mark from Naruto’s villainous Orochimaru.

While this darkish and edgy model of Larvitar could additionally be nothing more than a graphical glitch, it still manages to provide a cool new take on a classic Pokemon. And in distinction to the glitch that resulted in a Pokemon Scarlet and Violet player destroying a complete town with a Pokeball, Silver_Sonic_23 most likely doesn’t have to worry about his bug wiping a metropolis off the map.

Pokemon Sun and Moon can be found for the Nintendo 3DS.

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