Pokemon Fan Shows Off Impressive Shuckle Collection

A dedicated Pokemon fan shows off their spectacular assortment dedicated to a singular Generation 2 Pokemon that has gained a following through the years.

A Pokemon fan has shown off their impressive collection dedicated to a memorable Pokemon from the Gold and Silver period, Shuckle. The second generation of Pokemon video games, Gold and Silver Versions, got here out in 2000 and brought much more memorable Pokemon for players to collect and battle with. Now decades later, the Pokedex boasts over 1,000 completely different Pokemon as of the current launch of Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. With so many alternative distinctive Pokemon on the market starting from cute to terrifying, it’s no surprise, through the years, gamers would gravitate in path of one or two being their favorites of all time.


Even though Pokemon Scarlet and Violet introduced a ton of latest Pokemon for followers to get pleasure from, some gamers prefer the older Pokemon designs. One fan just lately created a Valentine’s Day-themed Bulbasaur to point out their appreciation for the primary Pok√©mon within the Pokedex. Now, a devoted gamer is exhibiting off their homage to a particular Pokemon from Generation 2.

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Pokemon fan and Reddit person WolfyWardark has shared their impressive Shuckle assortment online. The assortment features everything from plushies to figures and even some fan art. According to WolfyWardark, the present Shuckle stash they shared has been collected over the previous decade, and they are nonetheless including to it. Other users had been extremely impressed by the dedication to Shuckle and even admitted that it’s nice to see a Pokemon that many seem to discard getting such appreciation. It appears WolfyDark is not the one fan of this vastly underrated Pokemon. Last summer season, one other Pokemon gamer created a scrumptious and accurate-looking Shuckle pizza.

Shuckle debuted in Pokemon Gold and Silver and is a Pokemon that players can get hold of free of charge from an NPC once they reach Cianwood City. According to its Pokedex entry, the adorable Bug and Rock-type Pokemon is named a Mold Pokemon. Shuckle’s design is considered based mostly on an organism often known as endolith that lives inside rocks and the shells of animals. Despite it being based on a real-life kind of fungus, it has gained fairly a fanbase over time. Just lately, a inventive participant designed what a Paradox model of Shuckle would look like in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

Perhaps Shuckle will receive the Paradox treatment it deserves in the rumored upcoming DLC for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. Even although Shuckle has been around for decades, it’s clear it has a loyal fanbase that may final for generations to return.

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