Pokemon Fan Designs Gen 5 Sprites for Walking Wake and Iron Leaves

A talented Pokemon fan designs Gen 5 sprites for Walking Wake and Iron Leaves, showing an attention-grabbing version of the brand new Paradox Pokemon.

A talented Pokemon Scarlet and Violet fan created Gen 5 sprites for Walking Wake and Iron Leaves. Pokemon Scarlet and Violet had been a half of the Pokemon Day 2023 celebrations, the place Game Freak revealed new content material for the franchise. Among the announcements was the introduction of extra Pokemon to the Gen 9 games, and two names on the listing are familiar to followers.

New Paradox Pokemon have been added to Gen 9 of Pokemon games. One of them is Walking Wake, a Water/Dragon-type that is the Paradox type of Suicune. Originally a Water-type Legendary Pokemon introduced in Gen 2, Suicune is a part of the Legendary beasts with Raikou and Entei. The second new Paradox Pokemon is Iron Leaves, the Grass/Psychic-type that’s the Paradox form of Virizion. Introduced in Gen 5, Virizion is a Grass/Fighting-type Legendary Pokemon and a member of the quartet often known as Swords of Justice.


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While Pokemon Black and White remakes are still not actual, Reddit user Jordanos11 created sprites exhibiting what it might seem like if Walking Wake and Iron Leaves belonged in Gen 5. Jordanos11 shows detailed work with stunning pixel art, the place the Pokemon seem at various angles. The most eye-catching part is that the person has additionally created sprites with shiny variations for the two Paradox Pokemon. Walking Wake keeps its unique body color and its long mane modifications from purple to blue. Shiny Iron Leaves, on the other hand, curiously reinforces the reality that it’s a Future Paradox Pokemon, as the silver shade could easily be related to steel.

Jordanos11’s post obtained thousands of upvotes on the Pokemon subreddit, with a number of users praising the Walking Wake and Iron Leaves sprites. One consumer, in particular, expressed their need to see a major series sport that would as quickly as again use Gen 5 graphics, and different Redditors agreed with the idea. A second user commented that they would like the potential for displaying Pokemon because the 2D sprites created by Jordanos11. The solely detail lacking, nevertheless, is the fact that the sprites weren’t animated, which might have proven what the Gen 5 model of Paradox Pokemon would seem like in motion.

Pokemon followers proceed to express their adoration for the franchise in several ways, together with creating Gen 5 sprites for Pokemon aside from Walking Wake and Iron Leaves. This reveals that although the Pokemon collection has decided to stay with 3D graphics, there could be nonetheless room in fans’ hearts to fondly keep in mind the graphics of the older video games.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet are available for the Nintendo Switch.

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