Personal 5 Royal PS5 Save Will Not Work With Existing PS4 Saves

Persona 5, and Persona 5 Royal were for the longest time, solely out there on the PS4. The sport bolstered plenty of new options and was easily one of the best new Persona games that fans obtained to play after a really long time. Unfortunately, it appears that gamers with PS4 saves will have to begin over on the PS5 as it won’t be attainable to share saves together with your Personal 5 Royal PS5 Save.

Personal 5 Royal PS5 Save – A Great Mistake

Personal 5 Royal is headed to the Xbox One, Xbox Series, PC, and Nintendo Switch for the primary time since its initial release in 2017, and the release of Royal in 2019 for the PS4.

Many followers are undoubtedly ecstatic on the console exclusivity taking nearly half a decade to come back to and finish, however fans trying to take pleasure in a smooth experience from PS4 to PS5 will be completely dissatisfied.

If you at present personal a PS5 and had a sizeable PS4 library, you’ll be familiar with how there is help for the ability to switch your saves and trophies between the 2 consoles. Unfortunately, it seems like Persona 5 Royal on PS5 is not going to be availing this function.

Here is the full image under:

Persona 5 Royal PS5 save state Persona 5 Royal on PS5

This successfully means you’ll be unable to carry over your progress or have the ability to unlock any trophies in the game. This means you’ll have to play Persona 5 Royal on PS5 with a clear slate.

While plenty of first-party, and third-party developers did make the characteristic potential for gamers to carry saves between the 2 consoles, Atlus may hit a nerve with fans when the game does release later in October 2022.

Persona 5 Royal is headed to the Nintendo Switch, PC, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series on October 21st, with the title approaching GamePass too.

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