Is It the Right Time for Sony to Bring Back Playstation Portable?

Sony launched PlayStation Vita back in 2012. It remains to be seen as probably the greatest pieces of hardware Sony has ever launched. Its OLED show, dual analog sticks, a touchpad on the back, and a 3G sim slot for connectivity on the go made it a device with all bells and whistles.

That console failed due to a quantity of bad business selections and now there’s news we might see yet one more portable gaming hardware from Sony!

Should Sony release another PlayStation Portable?


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Back when the PlayStation Vita launched, Sony marketed it as a console that was as powerful as a home console. Games like Uncharted Golden Abyss and Killzone: Mercenary proved that properly sufficient. But there was some problem with that system, which were; its lack of internal storage and forced proprietary reminiscence cards.

Every game on that device needed some space for storing to store save video games, and the device itself lacked any inner storage. This was a problem because Sony’s memory playing cards had been priced too high and eventually Sony decided to surrender on it.

And on the same time, a console that everybody appeared down on, the Nintendo 3DS was successful. It was underpowered but full of video games and allowed regular SD cards to be used for storage.

Then Nintendo released Nintendo Switch in 2017 and proved that they’re the ultimate kings of transportable gaming. The console is in every way a home console on the go. Nintendo even managed to persuade a bunch of third-party developers to launch video games on their console.


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Nintendo Switch bought more models in its nonetheless ongoing lifetime than Sony’s PlayStation 4 did earlier than it was changed by PlayStation 5 and portability performs a big half in it.

So is it the best time for Sony to launch one more portable? Well, if carried out right, moveable gaming by no means will get outdated and is never out of trend. Who would hate taking half in God of War on the go?

But we should not forget that Sony has an enormous competition on this department now. There’s the upcoming Nintendo Switch 2, then there’s Valve’s in style Steam Deck, and a variety of other other brands are making related consoles too.


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So yes, Sony can release a new PlayStation Portable. But only time and Sony’s help for it might decide its success.

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