Hell Let Loose PS5 Update 1.010 Unleashes Falling Dark Content – PlayStation Universe

Black Matter has hit the trenches with an inventory of Hell Let Loose update 1.010 patch notes for you to gawk at, which comes with help for the Falling Dark content. This adds new map rotations and a boatload of bug fixes.

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New with Console launch:

Map Rotation:

  • Map rotation shall be limited for first 2 weeks after Patch 12 launch to make new maps more accessible through matchmaking
  • Limited Map rotation includes:
  • Foy Warfare (Night)
  • Remagen Offensive (US)
  • Hurtgen Forest Warfare (Night)
  • Omaha Beach Offensive (GER)
  • Remagen Warfare
  • Purple Heart Lane Warfare (Night)
  • Kursk Offensive (SOV)
  • Omaha Beach Warfare
  • Remagen Warfare (Night)
  • Foy Offensive (US)
  • Kursk Warfare (Night)
  • Stalingrad Offensive (GER)
  • Remagen Offensive (GER)
  • St Marie Du Mont Warfare
  • Changed Map rotation logic to prevent the identical maps being randomly selected, all maps will now play by way of in a random order per server before repeating

Bug Fixes:

  • Speculative repair for the long standing ‘Loadout Bug’
  • [Fixed] Incorrect airplane used to drop Ammo Drop for SOV/GER
  • [Fixed] The deploy button disappears when the player resigns the Commander function then creates/joins another unit without altering the role
  • [Fixed] The Soviet Commander Fuel talents list order isn’t constant and changes
  • [Fixed] Satchel Charges won’t destroy barbed wire at sure distances
  • [Fixed] German Fuel Nodes are unable to be destroyed with Satchel Charges
  • [Fixed] Gunshot SFX can nonetheless be heard after the participant that’s taking pictures with certain weapons dies
  • [Fixed] The “Back” button within the Barracks menu does not work correctly immediately after a new favorite function is selected
  • [Fixed] ‘Resign as commander’ button doesn’t disappear after rejoining previously created armor/recon unit
  • [Fixed] Panther (German Heavy) has a shorter cooldown after spawning it compared to the Tiger
  • [Fixed] Machine gun cannot be mounted in specific sort of buildings throughout all the maps
  • [Fixed] Receiving an invite/request while on the deploy display will block a player from leaving the loadout menu as soon as accessed.
  • [Fixed] [FPP] The German Small Ammunition field, Medical Supplies field and Explosive Ammo box have equivalent fashions when held in hand
  • [Fixed] Proximity VOIP has no distance falloff
  • [Fixed] Proximity VOIP is too quiet at default setting
  • [Fixed] VOIP will toggle to off when pausing the game
  • [Fixed] VOIP Leadership Radio and Unit Radio want reactivating after leaving and joining a unit
  • [Fixed] The “VOIP Connection Status” setting is lacking on console
  • [Fixed] Opening and shutting the scoreboard while driving a vehicle will cause the vehicle to cease accelerating
  • [Fixed] Opening and closing the in-game map whereas driving a car will trigger the automobile to stop accelerating
  • [Fixed] Switching profile after rejecting the EULA will softlock the title
  • [Fixed] Players are unable to join a locked unit after joining a different unit earlier than invite is accepted
  • [Fixed] Controller vibration doesn’t work on MEDIUM setting
  • [Fixed] Game will crash on Xbox If user is modified earlier than loading into the main menu
  • [Fixed] PS5 Haptic rumble wouldn’t play when participant is close to a bombing run
  • [Fixed] Double pressing ‘Join as Commander’ will break deployment menu on uncommon occasion
  • [Fixed] Unit Leaders might get softlocked on the ‘Leave Unit’ message if one other player joins their unit whilst the message is open
  • [Fixed] Controller focus could also be lost on the scoreboard after resigning from the commander role
  • [Fixed] Controller Layout B and Layout D use wrong input for looking when in a vehicle
  • [Fixed] Closing and relaunching the sport after making beauty or loadout adjustments in the Barracks would revert adjustments to their previous state
  • [Fixed] Xbox Button icons would generally appear within the PS5 version
  • [Fixed] Every different shot from US Hull MG, US Coaxial, and all Half-Track MGs might be noticeably quiet
  • [Fixed] “Offensive Master” trophy and achievement will set off after completing Warfare matches
  • [Fixed] Controller focus would be lost when cancelling out of the invite menu
  • [Fixed] ‘Precise Aiming’ performance for Tanks and Recon autos is missing on console (controller assist added)
  • [Fixed] Vibration results usually are not current when firing the FG42 or FG42 x4 (scoped)



  • Added new US “M4A3 75w” medium tank
  • Added Machine guns to Half-tracks (M2 Browning, MG42)
  • Reimplemented the German “Panther” as a heavy tank with up to date Smart Materials
  • Updated Tiger with new camo pattern
  • Updated Panzer IV with new camo pattern
  • Updated Luchs with new camo pattern


  • Added Flare Guns (LP-42, SPSh-42, AN-M8)


  • Added Flare Gun to Spotter lvl 3 “Scout” loadout
  • Moved Ammo Crate from Spotter lvl 3 “Scout” to Spotter lvl 1 “Standard Issue” loadout


  • Added the following new Commander Abilities:
  • Precision Strike
  • GER: Stuka Dive Bomb
  • US: x2 P-47 Bombs
  • SOV: IL-2 Rocket Strafe
  • Ammo Drop
  • Improved animations for the strafing run Commander Ability
  • Added gore models for the Soviet faction (previously used US models)
  • Primary Weapons at the moment are displayed on the player’s again whereas not equipped
  • Added the power to interrupt weapon reloads
  • Adjusted MG deployment logic to prevent gamers from hiding their mannequin inside objects
  • Updated Personal Stats screen with new stats and an organized layout
  • Tank crews are now notified when the gunner destroys an OP
  • Vehicle wrecks can now be eliminated utilizing the Bazooka and Panzerschreck
  • Increased AT-Gun deploy timer from 3 to 8 seconds
  • Reduced AT-Gun injury from 600 to 350
  • Reduced Precision Strike cost from 500 to 250 munitions


  • Added new Remagen map:
  • Remagen Warfare
  • Remagen Warfare Night
  • Remagen Offensive GER
  • Remagen Offensive US
  • Added Night maps:
  • Foy Warfare Night
  • Purple Heart Lane Warfare Night
  • Hurtgen Forest Warfare Night
  • Kursk Warfare Night
  • Added further Omaha map variants:
  • Omaha Warfare
  • Omaha Offensive GER
  • Reworked HQs on Kursk to provide additional cowl for every faction


  • Improved legibility of Enemy Recon Markings on the Tactical Map

Audio Effects

  • Shortened incoming Artillery whistle SFX
  • Adjusted bullet crack SFX for the MG42
  • Adjusted Foy map ambience
  • Balanced quantity of grenade throw SFX
  • Added sound occlusion to explosion SFX
  • Balanced end of round music volume
  • Adjusted flesh impact SFX
  • Adjusted wood impression SFX
  • Adjusted smoke grenade SFX
  • Adjusted quantity attenuation of the Stuka Siren
  • Additional minor sound tweaks and improvements

Visual Effects

  • Updated TPP Blood Hit FX
  • Added lighting to the following in-game FX for better visuals on evening maps:
  • Muzzle Flashes
  • Artillery cannons
  • Tank cannons
  • Panzerschreck/Bazooka rockets
  • Adjusted artillery impression and automobile explosion FXs

Bug Fixes

  • [Fixed] Unusual digital camera stuttering when vaulting over an object whereas the server/player has a excessive ping
  • [Fixed] Disconnecting and Reconnecting from VoIP while making Microphone check will cause VoIP to completely cease working.
  • [Fixed] Soviet Recon Tank doesn’t set off any SFX when entering the car or switching positions.
  • [Fixed] Panzer IV has incorrect armour collision
  • [Fixed] The participant cannot be heard if they change very fast between the VOIP channels
  • [Fixed] Players are unable to hear enemy Half-track SFX
  • [Fixed] M97 Trench Gun can not penetrate any supplies.
  • [Fixed] Outpost may be placed next to downed enemy however is instantly destroyed.
  • [Fixed] Bullet Crack Sound Plays when leaving Mounted Prone with PTRS-41.
  • [Fixed] Deployable explosives can’t be positioned in an space round garrisons and airheads.
  • [Fixed] The participant mannequin can clip through sure constructing roofs by deploying LMG’s.
  • [Fixed] LMGs digicam will lose its enter when being deployed in one other player
  • [Fixed] Some Personal Stats aren’t saved when the participant exits and re-enters a server
  • [Fixed] Offensive mode initial Deploy Timer counts down before any gamers have joined the server
  • [Fixed] VOIP might not work instantly after creating a unit for 20-30 seconds
  • [Fixed] Career and Role EXP might not appropriately show in change role menu if gained simply earlier than a match ends.
  • [Fixed] Two gamers can trigger the bandaging animation if the bandage is used at the identical time
  • [Fixed] Players do not get suppressed from bombing run hearth when in artillery reload seat
  • [Fixed] Players don’t get suppressed from strafing run fire when in artillery reload seat
  • [Fixed] Deploying an LMG on a picket beam of a particular barn causes graphical issue and un-deploys the LMG.
  • [Fixed] Half-Track spawn icon appears when the engine is on in Locked enemy territory
  • [Fixed] During idle animation the left hand is misaligned and clips by way of the weapon while holding any Rifle or Sniper Rifle
  • [Fixed] The player is unable to deploy or to enter the Change Role menu in certain eventualities after they’ve been switched to the opposite group via RCon over the past 3 seconds of deployment
  • [Fixed] The Anti-Tank gun turret will collide with autos, doubtlessly inflicting collision/physics issues
  • [Fixed] Missing glass in Opel Blitz asset
  • [Fixed] Eastern Wood Peewee could be heard in Hürtgen Forest Map
  • [Fixed] Rebinding W A S or D in Infantry, Driver and Admin tabs will permit two bindings on one key.
  • [Fixed] Rebinding W A S or D to common and relaunching the title will rebind in Infantry, Driver and Admin Tabs.
  • [Fixed] Garrisons and Outposts render distances vary based on map
  • [Fixed] Airhead is destroyed by friendly grenades
  • [Fixed] The Damaged Engine Fire PFX at all times face directly towards the player
  • [Fixed] When a player shortly switches between VOIP channels, the nametag of the participant will not present up or will present up for a brief interval of time
  • [Fixed] Gear change animation plays twice in Soviet vehicles
  • [Fixed] Occasions the place nametags appeared in Streamer Mode
  • [Fixed] Poor network circumstances will trigger bolt motion rifles to not fire when inputting.
  • [Fixed] FG42 bullets land larger than the crosshair
  • [Fixed] Soviet Half-Track have no SFX while being repaired at a restore station
  • [Fixed] The map pictures on the ‘Maps’ section of the Field Manual are low resolution
  • [Fixed] There is a corrupted texture within the viewports of certain tanks
  • [Fixed] Outside elements of the Panzer IV is current within the viewport at FoV higher than 90
  • [Fixed] Airheads will deploy quicker than the icon indicates
  • [Fixed] The prompt that appears after a participant is kicked seems in German
  • [Fixed] Steam invitations will bring a participant into the final server the inviter was in if they’re on the Front End
  • [Fixed] Flare gun does not reveal the enemy players if the shooter is within in its radius
  • [Fixed] Soviet Mosin Sniper doesn’t 1 shot kill above 200m
  • [Fixed] VOIP channel volumes are reset after the map change
  • [Fixed] Half-Track deployment textual content fails to replace its state correctly
  • [Fixed] The “Back” button located in Barracks is not useful if the participant has the Favorite role selected
  • [Fixed] The “Welcome to Hell” achievement doesn’t unlock
  • [Fixed] The “Commend and Conquer!” and “War Hero” achievements aren’t incremented correctly
  • [Fixed] The “Iron Cross” and “Medal of Honor” achievements are not incremented correctly


  • [Fixed] Increased height of certain foxholes to offer improved cover
  • [Fixed] Multiple cases of floating or misaligned assets
  • [Fixed] Adjustments to participant collision across numerous assets
  • [Fixed] Adjustments to LoD settings across a variety of assets


  • [Fixed] Adjustments to participant collision throughout a quantity of assets
  • [Fixed] Adjustments to LoD settings throughout numerous assets


  • [Fixed] Adjustments to participant collision across a selection of assets
  • [Fixed] Adjustments to LoD settings throughout a quantity of assets
  • [Fixed] Craters have sharp transition and look less than standard

Hill 400

  • [Fixed] Visual problem with some riverbanks
  • [Fixed] Multiple situations of floating or misaligned assets
  • [Fixed] Adjustments to participant collision throughout a quantity of assets
  • [Fixed] Adjustments to LoD settings throughout a variety of assets

Hurtgen Forest

  • [Fixed] Adjustments to player collision throughout a variety of assets
  • [Fixed] Adjustments to LoD settings across a selection of assets


  • [Fixed] Some cases the place the player could not deploy their MG on an asset
  • [Fixed] Multiple instances of floating or misaligned assets
  • [Fixed] Adjustments to participant collision throughout a quantity of assets
  • [Fixed] Adjustments to LoD settings throughout a quantity of assets

Purple Heart Lane

  • [Fixed] Multiple cases of floating or misaligned assets
  • [Fixed] Adjustments to player collision throughout numerous assets
  • [Fixed] Adjustments to LoD settings throughout a variety of assets
  • [Fixed] Player can spawn into closed home in C8.

Omaha Beach

  • [Fixed] Multiple cases of floating or misaligned assets
  • [Fixed] Adjustments to participant collision across numerous assets
  • [Fixed] Adjustments to LoD settings across a quantity of assets


  • [Fixed] Adjustments to participant collision across a quantity of assets
  • [Fixed] Adjustments to LoD settings across numerous assets
  • [Fixed] Players can’t stroll in first floor of bridge tower when barbed wires are placed
  • [Fixed] Cliff lacking collision permitting autos to hide
  • [Fixed] Embankment in H4 is floating
  • [Fixed] Location with Soviet graffiti on walls
  • [Fixed] Players are capable of spawn within the bridge tower walls
  • [Fixed] Tanks can get stuck on the practice tracks
  • [Fixed] Garden in C9 has open backyard, trapping players inside unable to get out
  • [Fixed] Road texture is stretched in E2


  • [Fixed] Adjustments to participant collision across a quantity of assets
  • [Fixed] Adjustments to LoD settings across numerous assets
  • [Fixed] Town centre strongpoint has a closed constructing, wants an open building

Utah Beach

  • [Fixed] Hedge Collision is extending in E6

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