DualSense Edge for PlayStation 5 is the top choice for gamers trying to elevate their gaming experience

In the world of console gaming, having every benefit possible can simply decide victory and defeat, but whereas the folks over on Xbox have had their arsenal enhanced by the Xbox Elite Controllers, the PlayStation Nation has all the time depended on third-party options.

Until now.

The DualSense Edge is Sony’s first high-performance, ultra-customisable controller developed in-house, aimed at providing the edge in gameplay, by inviting gamers to craft their own distinctive gaming experience tailored to their play fashion. It would possibly appear to be a spruced-up DualSense controller, but this technological marvel packs plenty in each its hardware and software choices.

Right out of the field, players will get the DualSense Edge wi-fi controller, a USB braided cable, 3 sets of caps for the analog sticks, 2 sets of again buttons, the connector housing, and of course, that glossy carrying case that even allows charging whereas keeping your new toy secure.

In terms of customisability, the DualSense Edge lives as much as the promise of bespoke changes for any play type. The three swappable stick caps deliver the best comfort (standard, excessive dome, low dome) with wonderful grip and stability, and can be simply modified for each scenario. Need extra inputs that are easily accessible? Tack on these back buttons and configure their inputs, so your fingers never need to get messy.

The triggers’ journey distance and useless zones can be adjusted to your liking as properly, going from full presses to hair triggers, so gamers can take pleasure in sooner inputs in aggressive FPS video games or take pleasure in a reduction of the lifeless zone for exact throttle management in racing video games.

And the DualSense Edge retains all the awesome bells and whistles that make its more original an enormous hit, and with the braided cable and connector housing, you may be by no means going to fret about battery or shedding your connection on the most demanding of moments. As for the worrisome concern of stick drift, this bad boy has the capability for replaceable stick modules, which ought to show extraordinarily useful in prolonging longevity.

On the software program side, there is a lot to look forward to as nicely. The aforementioned remapping and deactivating of button inputs can come in handy for those requiring a certain setup, while your purpose could be further fine-tuned by adjusting stick sensitivity and lifeless zones. Vibration intensity can also be an alternative choice that might be changed to suit your liking.


Once those ideal settings have been found, gamers can then save them to unique profiles, and make each title more convenient to play with. The dedicated Fn buttons discovered below the sticks can make it straightforward to swap between profiles, modify recreation quantity and chat stability, or entry the controller profile settings for fast changes.

There is zero doubt that the DualSense Edge is the top-tier possibility when it comes to gaming on the PlayStation 5, but the question of whether it is value it actually depends on your needs. 

The added buttons are at all times nice for these on the lookout for extra handy or sooner inputs, whereas the journey distance changes will make a big distinction in shooters. Add to that the sturdy software customisation and how easy it is to really change its parts around, and this makes the DualSense Edge a very game-changing accessory. 


However, for S$295.90/US$199.99, that’s roughly half the price of a PlayStation 5 console,  it is a hefty investment for most of the common audience that is having fun with their console experience. Unless you are devoted to the types of video games that will benefit from its customisability, or discover added use for all the opposite features, it might simply be a costlier DualSense controller that has a lower battery life, particularly so when you’re not plugging it in.

This is a want more than a necessity, however for anybody trying to spend cash on lots of of hours of intense gaming on the PS5, the DualSense Edge actually makes sense if you’re looking for the, pardon the pun, edge towards your opponents and no matter challenges lie forward. It is thrilling that the PlayStation community now has an elevated controller experience available; just be able to pay the value for such innovation.

The DualSense Edge might be out there from Jan 26.

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