AI Just Predicted What The PlayStation 6 Will Look Like

After virtually two years of the PlayStation 5 being in the marketplace, idea designs for the (currently unofficial) PlayStation 6 have began to make an look (thanks to AI) and they’re… interesting…

Thanks to Protect Your Bubble, AI was given the prospect to predict what future sport consoles would look like and whereas they have been pretty accurate to the style gaming companies often go with, they do look a bit odd. The chosen consoles created by AI through MidJourney were: the PlayStation 6, the Xbox Series 6 and the Nintendo Switch 2.

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Concept Design for the PlayStation 6

While it isn’t the strangest of the three, a few design components for the PlayStation 6 concept might depart you questioning the AI somewhat bit. The console itself has returned to the extra basic PlayStation shape quite than the curved Sony went for with the PlayStation 5. It is now a white design with the PlayStation brand centred and a blue blacklight that makes it look like the console is floating.

It’s when we get to the design of the PlayStation 6 controller where things take a flip for the unusual, with a extra minimalistic virtually alien-like design. The primary shape of the PlayStation controller is saved, nevertheless it seems the AI has determined it’s time we eliminate the basic, triangle, circle, sq. and X buttons, which is a little bit of a disappointment. The deal with has a built-in, dimpled efficiency grip to maintain the controller from slipping out of players’ hands when gaming gets a bit more intense. The touchpad remains untouched because the central portion of the PlayStation 6 controller.

The essence of a PlayStation had been stored to, but I don’t assume I can get passed the lack of the buttons.

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Concept Design for the Xbox Series 6

Concept Design for the Xbox Series 6

This is a fun one and the strangest of the designs. The design of the console is kind of compact and sleek, with the brand centred on high of the console. The AI really ran with the box design it appears.

Fortunately for Xbox they get to keep their A, B, X and Y buttons on the controller, but I suppose there may be a little bit of a design flaw in the shape of the handles, as they are quite a bit more bulbous type than traditional, making them significantly harder to grip. The power button has been moved to the side to make room for the backlit pause, choose and share buttons.

It appears that a little bit of inspiration was taken from Cyberpunk 2077 and the inexperienced accents of other Xbox designs.

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Concept Design for the Nintendo Switch 2

Concept Design for the Nintendo Switch 2

Fans have been calling for the Switch to have a bigger display screen and it seems the AI has decided to answer the call of the people with its tablet-esque screen, whereas still preserving to the original style of the controller. It can be a little bit of an odd alternative, design-wise, to have the screen overlap the controller so drastically compared to the unique, slimmer design.

We’re still quite a couple of years away from the PlayStation 6, so it’s exhausting to foretell what type of tech will be obtainable in the future. Consoles might be built into TVs — one thing that Microsoft is at present experimenting with — or even our cellular devices. Still, it is enjoyable to think about what the next era may look like.

Tell us, what did you think of the AI’s PlayStation 6, Xbox Series 6 and Nintendo Switch 2 designs?

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