5 Great Roguelike Games Available on Xbox Series X|S

Everyone has a desire for the online game genres they like to play. With Xbox, plenty of your favourite genres are simply accessible via services like Xbox Game Pass, but what if you’re favorite genre of games is the randomly generated, dungeon-crawling experience provided by roguelike games?

Fortunately, Xbox has plentiful choices for trying out the most effective roguelike video games on consoles, and each title has its personal variation and twist on the genre. So when you’re interested in discovering out about a number of the greatest roguelikes out there on Xbox Series X|S, we may help.

1. Hades

One of, if not probably the most recognizable roguelike sport you’ll find a way to play on your Xbox Series X|S is the mythology-plunging story of household and romance, Hades.

Setting itself apart from other roguelike titles by taking a mythological theme, Hades locations you within the sneakers of Zagreus, an unknown Greek God and the son of Hades. As Zagreus, you must attempt to escape the underworld, study the truth behind your parents, and defy your controlling God of the Underworld father.

Aside from offering stellar fight and gameplay loops, with a number of Greek god-related Boons that let you use and mix the powers of the Greek gods, Hades additionally provides more of an in-depth and narrative-focused experience than most other roguelike titles on Xbox.

A screenshot of Hades gameplay running on an Xbox Series X

This narrative focus elevates the standard of Hades above most other roguelikes obtainable, with the title successful the 2021 GDC Game of the Year award to show for it. So if you’re thinking about an addictive and countless roguelike with a narrative steeped in Greek mythology to play on Xbox, Hades is the game for you.

With Hades taking the 2021 GDC award, if you are in search of other potential Game of the Year contenders to expand your gaming horizons, one of the best games obtainable in 2022 could help you discover the following quality title to add to your repertoire.

2. The Binding of Isaac

While not a Game of the Year winner, some of the long-standing and constantly pleasant roguelikes out there on Xbox that, regardless of its preliminary launch in 2012, remains to be getting content material updates in 2023 is The Binding of Isaac.

A screenshot of The Binding of Isaac showcasing its start screen on Xbox Series X

Taking the demented experiences of a young boy named Isaac and his suffering at the hands of his bible-obsessed family, The Binding of Isaac twists Isaac’s trauma right into a dungeon hellscape you should navigate to defeat your own Mother. This roguelike, then, isn’t for the faint of heart.

But whereas The Binding of Issac’s themes are extremely darkish and mature, the core on the heart of the roguelike is an insanely in-depth modifier and item system that makes no one run the identical as the next. In one run, you might be a weak and feeble Isaac shooting droplets from your eyes; the next, you would be a demon with laser breath.

A screenshot of Xbox Series X gameplay for The Binding of Isaac

This gameplay loop and energy creep make The Binding of Isaac a long-standing and essential title amongst different roguelike games. For roguelike video games you can play on your Xbox Series X|S, then, The Binding of Isaac is a staple.

3. Cult of the Lamb

A newer sort of roguelike out there in your Xbox Series X|S that takes two genres of video games and twists them both is the cult-building roguelike Cult of the Lamb.

Playing as a sacrificial lamb, raised from slaughter and in search of to take revenge against people who wronged you, Cult of the Lamb expects you to should garner followers and grow powerful sufficient to defeat your enemies.

A screenshot of the title screen for The Cult of the Lamb on Xbox Series X

Taking the farm-building formula created by video games like Animal Crossing or Stardew Valley and turning the farm into a cult was not the plain choice when thinking of a roguelike with its own unique spin on the genre.

After you play the game and cut down swathes of enemies and bosses in a sequence of dungeons for followers and resources, the roguelike intent behind Cult of the Lamb turns into clear.

A screenshot of a cult in The Cult of The Lamb running on Xbox Series X

Because of the cult simulation facet to Cult of the Lamb, nevertheless, the sport has a defined end; once you defeat the game’s primary bosses, there is not far more to do in addition to develop your cult. Even then, there is nonetheless only so much you can do in Cult of the Lamb’s post-game.

So, when you’re on the lookout for a roguelike to pass the time in your Xbox Series X|S without indefinite commitment, then Cult of the Lamb is the game for you.

4. Enter the Gungeon

Despite the many roguelikes out there in your Xbox, no other has such a clearly outlined theme tied to its styling, gameplay loop, and narrative than Enter the Gungeon, and that is guns, guns, and extra guns.

A screenshot of the Enter the Gungeon title screen running on Xbox Series X

Enter the Gungeon’s premise is easy and indicative of roguelikes as a style: enter a randomly generated dungeon, collect buffs and get as far as you presumably can. What makes the game distinctive is the countless weapons you ought to use, and most are recognizable from different notorious franchises.

Want to make use of the BFG from Doom and the Noisy Cricket from Men In Black simultaneously? Well, with Enter the Gungeon, you probably can. The sport takes the dungeon-crawling premise from classics just like the Legend of Zelda and adds extra guns than you would ask for.

A screenshot of the chest rewards in Enter the Gungeon on Xbox Series X

While easy and purposefully silly, Enter the Gungeon is more enjoyable for it and represents one of the best time-killing roguelike games you possibly can play on Xbox.

5. Vampire Survivors

A distinctive title not solely available on Xbox but additionally on Xbox Game Pass that represents one of many easiest-to-play but in-depth roguelikes obtainable is Vampire Survivors.

A screenshot of the Vampire Survivors title screen running on an Xbox Series X

Almost utterly void of narrative, Vampire Survivors expects you to determine on a character and survive its randomly generated arenas for so lengthy as potential. And strangely, your solely management is directional motion by way of your analog stick, and there is no way to aim or fireplace attacks as all of them play routinely.

While this will seem primary, the idea of having the sport play itself provides its own benefits, with you being in a position to move your character, gain XP, and plan your build for the run as you play.

A screenshot of the Level Up screen in Vampire Survivors running on an Xbox Series X

This makes the gameplay loop in Vampire Survivors distinctive, with in-depth items and modifiers allowing hours of combos and variations of runs to assist the game’s roguelike roots.

The recreation is also available on Game Pass, that means that being a fan of high quality roguelikes, like Vampire Survivors, might stand as one of many causes Xbox users ought to have Xbox Game Pass.

Enjoy a Variety of Gaming Genres on Xbox

Now you realize a few of the greatest roguelike video games Xbox has to offer, you can start to enjoy the style and all of the variations that come with every recreation, whether or not it’s the gun-orientated Enter the Gungeon or the Greek mythology-grounded Hades.

Aside from roguelikes, Xbox provides quite lots of great games related to staple genres of the medium, whether or not it is co-op play or first-person shooters, so be sure to take a glance at all the other hits Xbox has to offer from completely different gaming genres.

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