10 Best Pokemon Based On Inanimate Objects

Over the years, Pokemon have been based mostly on all kinds of things. Usually, though, they’re primarily based on things that individuals would associate with present crops or animals: cats, frogs, dogs, rabbits, flowers, that type of factor. There are even meals Pokemon like Gen 8’s Alcremie or Pokemon Scarlet & Violet‘s Smoliv line. But a variety of the strangest ones are those that simply look like googly eyes which were slapped on an object.

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Object Pokemon are sometimes brought up in conversations about unoriginal Pokemon, or when talking about how the Pokemon staff has run out of ideas. But sometimes object Pokemon are a few of the most attention-grabbing – they usually’ve been around since Gen 1. Interestingly sufficient, plenty of these object Pokemon are Ghost-types – inanimate objects possessed by spirits.


10 Aegislash – Royal Sword Pokemon

Aegislash is a cleverly designed Pokemon literally based mostly on a weapon, so it is sensible that it’s very powerful in battle. The ultimate evolution of the Honedge line, Aegislash is a Steel/Ghost-type with two forms – defend and blade, relying on whether or not the player favors assault or protection.

The Pokemon also has some fascinating lore – it was used as a protector of Kalosian nobility and is a logo of royalty across regions. It as quickly as served a king and drained him of his life drive, inflicting the king’s kingdom to fall apart.

9 Rotom – Plasma Pokemon

pokemon scarlet violet rotom form feature

Rotom is a traditional object Pokemon, however it’s extra like an objects Pokemon! This Electric/Ghost-type was created by Team Galactic, the criminal organization of Pokemon Diamond & Pearl’s Sinnoh area, making it one of many only a few man-made Pokemon that exist.

Rotom can also be distinctive in that it has the ability to transform into a big selection of household objects. Each type – Heat, Wash, Frost, Fan, and Mow – retains the unique electrical typing, but changes its secondary kind into one that matches the object. The unique can be the only Pokemon with the Electric/Ghost-typing in the whole Dex.

8 Cofagrigus – Coffin Pokemon

Cofagrigus in the Pokemon anime

Cofagrigus is a pure Ghost-type Pokemon first launched in Pokemon Black & White‘s Gen 5. Based on a sarcophagus, Cofagrigus is the advanced type of Yamask, evolving at Level 34. It even takes the gold masks it held as a Yamask, and has it placed within the center of its forehead.

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As a sarcophagus-based Pokemon, it is solely natural that it has some strange lore. Apparently, it could possibly take the deceased physique of a human and switch it right into a mummy!

7 Coalossal – Coal Pokemon

Coalossal's Pokedex Entry In Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

Coalossal is a Fire/Rock-type Pokemon initially introduced in Pokemon Sword & Shield. It’s based on a pile of heated coal, which is becoming for the history of its Britain-based house region, Galar.

Its Japanese title, Sekitanzan could also be a mixture of sekitan (coal) and tanzan (mountain coal mine), which means that this Pokemon is the personification of the coal mine itself! Despite its dimension, Coalossal appears to be a peaceable Pokemon, nevertheless it becomes enraged if the coal mines it lives in are vandalized.

6 Drifblim – Blimp Pokemon

pokemon drifblim and logo

Drifblim is a haunting Ghost/Flying-type Pokemon based on a balloon. This Gen 4 Pokemon from Pokemon Diamond and Pearl is certainly greater than meets the eye!

It’s said that Drifblim incorporates the souls of those burdened with regret, somewhat than merely sizzling air. Not solely that but there are rumors of Drifblim carrying souls to the afterlife. It’s also robust sufficient to carry folks, however it could’t management the course of its flight, simply going with the wind.

5 Polteageist – Black Tea Pokemon

A wild Polteageist in Pokemon Sword & Shield

Polteageist was launched in Pokemon Sword & Shield, and the little Ghost-type immediately grew to become a fan favorite. The Pokemon itself is the purple ghost, and it inhabits a teapot (or teacup in its pre-evolved form).

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It could be a difficult Pokemon to evolve, as it requires a particular item. Not solely that, however the special item varies depending on the form – phony or genuine. Phony Polteageist requires the ‘Cracked Pot’ to evolve, and the genuine form requires a ‘Chipped Pot’. The form could be verified via the stamp of authentification on the base!

4 Klefki – Key Ring Pokemon


Klefki is a Steel/Fairy-type that first appeared in Pokemon X and Y! Very clearly primarily based on a keyring, Klefki goes one step additional – it loves keys so much that it actively steals keys from people. This habit is presumably foreshadowed in the title, with the ‘kle’ coming from ‘kleptomaniac’.

Kklefki takes an everyday object and turns it into something magical. Junichi Masuda, who designed the Pokemon, has stated that Klefki’s design particularly ‘got here from thinking of previous mansions and secret keys and such’.

3 Garganacl – Rock Salt Pokemon

Garganacl appearing during battle

The latest Pokemon on this list, Garganacl is a Pokemon first introduced in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, making it native to the Paldea area. With a design reminiscent of Minecraft, Garganacl and its complete evolutionary line is definitely based mostly on rock salt crystals and sedimentary layers of bedrock.

Its identify is a intelligent pun – ‘garga’ comes from gargantuan, and ‘nacl’, comes from the chemical method for sodium chloride/table salt ‘NaCl’.

2 Solrock & Lunatone – Meteorite Pokemon

Solrock and Lunatone (1)

Solrock and Lunatone aren’t recognized to evolve into anything, but they are thought of each other’s counterparts. There are a couple of choices for the specific object they’re based on, but they both seem to be meteorites formed like the sun and moon.

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Their base stats are practically similar, with solely the bodily and special stats switched. Both of those Rock/Psychic Pokemon have mysterious origins. They seem to originate from outer house, having been found on the website of a meteorite crash.

1 Trubbish – Trash Bag Pokemon

Pokemon Trubbish Regional Variant

What object Pokemon listing can be complete with out the Trubbish line? While not the unique object Pokemon, it might be essentially the most memorable – actually primarily based on a pile of garbage. It was created as a method to characterize city pollution!

Trubbish, regardless of its look, is proven to be a sweet and caring Pokemon. In the anime, it befriends a gaggle of kindergartners and finally saves their lives. This may be very candy, but the Pokedex entry in Ultra Moon makes this a little concerning: “if a younger Pokemon or youngster breathes within the toxic fuel that Trubbish belches out, it might be a life-threatening situation.”

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