Who are the classic Italian Inventors?

The celebrated little country know to us as ltaly has always been at the forefront of scientific discovery for a very long time. Not many of us sadly recognize this country these days for the number of indispensable design ideas that they have gifted us with in the last century. Let's examine some of the classic ltalian inventors whom without their inventions, we would not be quite as comfortable today.

Guglielmo Marconi: “Inventor of the Radio”

guglielmo-marconiWithout it, you might just be lost in the morning for hearing the latest traffic news. or at a loss for blasting music all day in your car. For all that to consider, you can thank the ltalians (more importantly) the inventor- Guglielmo Marconi for inventing the radio. It was in 1895 that he developed the first effective system of wireless communication. It was this apparatus that allowed him to signal a doorbell that was located in his basement. To improve this communication tool, he emigrated to England to find some assistance. Six years later in 1901, he was able to send messages across the Atlantic Ocean.

Innocenzo Manzelli & Antonio Meucci: “Inventors of the telephone”

Contrary to school book rhetoric, two crafty ltalians were able to beat Alexander Graham Bell to the punch way back in 1849. lnnocenzo Manzetti was the first man on the planet to create a true electric phone, which was capable of transmitting the human voice up to a distance of 500 meters in 1865. This feat was broadcast by the press in the summer of 1865. Another inventor, Antonio Meucci, was successful in achieving the same result during his trip to Cuba too, way before even Bell had begun work on his version.

federico-faggins-chip-designFederico Faggin: “Inventor of the Microprocessor”

All our electronic devices would be nothing without the microprocessor. Behind this digital revolution is an ltalian named Federico Faggin. It was little more than 40 years ago that Faggin developed the first marketed microprocessor in the world. The lntel 4004 was first born in January of 1971 and was then marketed to the public by November 15, 1971.

Giulio Nana: “Inventor of Plastic”

As if it were straight out from science fiction movies at the time of its invention, a chemist named Giulio Natta was able to invent a material called polypropylene, or plastic to be more precise. All objects that we now use at home, are made from this ltalian invention. Plastic since then has invaded our lives, and Natta went on to receive the Nobel Prize in chemistry in 1963.