Which new machine technology do we use currently?

Technology is the greatest thing which continues to change the world. Over time, technology has come-up with different solutions every kind of problem that has been presented. Spanning the latest innovations of technology have not only improved the lives of many people, but have brought transformation into the world itself. In the present days we live in, there are many new technologies which we are using and trying to figure-out which we like the best. An excellent example are the Fuel Cell vehicles that have been designed to emit zero emissions and runs on simple hydrogen. These cars have more advantages than any other vehicles at the moment. This is one such technology used today but is still considered a hybrid technology. Still there are others that absorb energy from waste heat and is converted into green energy based technology. But there may be problems when that energy is not sufficient enough.


Technology which we use presently is the invention of robotic labor, which is commonly used in the manufacturing sector, but now a days these robots are getting more and more daily tasks that replace human labor jobs. These are used especially in dangerous places where it is risky for humans to work. The use of robotic labor has largely increased with flexible and easy to use purposes, but they don’t have thinking capacity like humans and can only work methodically from a written computer program. Some other innovation includes solar energy and wind energy, which are technologies that take-up a big part of the green technology sector. Solar energy can be the best source but it is really difficult to store that energy effectively. Other major disadvantage with this is when the climate is cloudy or rainy, one cannot use solar energy based machines consistently, or the storing of excess energy that is collected can be too expensive and difficult for average people. Neuromorphic technology is another new machine technology which is expected to be used. In this technology, special processor chips are used and designed to mimic human brain functions which includes a thinking and responding capacity -which is really complex! If this invention is successful, these microchips may even replace the human thought process on many levels. Although this technology is still far from ready, new machines such as this may remain a fixture of pure imagination for future generations to ponder.