What would life be like without inventors?

Inventors are the backbone of human existence, and without them, the world would crumble. From the invention of the wheel in Mesopotamia, to the recent inventions that help humanity achieve a basic standard of living, there is absolutely no denying their importance. The impact that they have had all through the centuries is undeniably unquestionable as it has helped the human race move forward one step to the other. Although there have been instances where inventions have been used for the wrong reasons (like sparking world wars or being applied in the war itself), the fact remains that inventors have contributed a lot to the standards of our day to day lives.


If you have any doubt in your mind, then just look at your computer monitor or smartphone screen right now because the reason you are reading this is thanks to Tim Berners-Lee. He is the inventor of the World Wide Web which is one of the mostly widely used inventions in the world right now. Thomas Edison and the light bulb- which has helped us to see better at night and light up the world, is an invention that is also one of the most widely used anywhere you go in the world. There will always be a need that requires an inventor to step up and make something that can solve that problem.

Without these amazing people, the world would be one boring dark place- that would most-likely be primitive by nature. We owe a lot to the guys that invent these things that help us move forward as the whole human race. Of many of the modern day scientists- Nicola Tesla is one of the most widely regarded and prolific scientists of all time (surpassing popular names such as Einstein or Edison), and most of his inventions help us everyday: like AC power, as well as the AC Induction Motor. So, do not ever doubt the crucial role that the inventors play in making life (to be more specific) -yours, better and easier every day.

nikola tesla