These 8 Lazy Inventions That Changed The World

The Segway- Made as a joke for lazy people who cannot be bothered to walked, the segway is quite the popular invention now. Used even more commonly by tourists and those with jobs that require constantly standing, this invention can be pretty life-changing. In fact, in most popular and urban cities, the segway can be rented out for daily use.segway

Twirling Spaghetti Fork- This invention is an electronic fork that twirls your spaghetti for you. Although this invention may look incredibly lazy, it is very helpful for those who have arthritis. Those with this unfortunate disease, find that this invention may make life a little easier for them.

Sock and Shoe Wearing Aids- Way better than the shoehorn, this stick-looking contraption helps those who have trouble bending down, to put their footwear on. Many people find this simple, everyday task difficult to do, but with the help of this invention, this task can become easy once again.

Lazy Reading Glasses- These glasses allow you to read or watch TV while laying flat on your back. This invention is especially useful to those that are bed-ridden who still want to enjoy pastimes they might not have been able to before.

Battery-Operated Scissors- These scissors can cut papers and fabrics without needing to move your hands and fingers too much. Again, this invention comes in special use for those who struggle with arthritis.

Mop Slippers- These slippers have mops attached to the bottom of it. This handy invention can make cleaning easier for those who absolutely hate it. All you have to do is walk around the house. Next after this invention was the Baby Mop which let’s your crawling baby do some cleaning up while for a change.

The Self Stirring Mug- Now somebody actually had a great idea for a change even though it still comes up as being lazier than a toad. This invention runs from 3 AAA batteries and has a little mixing ring at the bottom of the mug that starts mixing at the press of a button.

A Snowball Maker- This nifty invention is perfect for kids and those who love to play around in the snow. This easy device ensures a perfectly round snowball every single time. The coolest part is making up to 60 snowballs under a minute! Try doing that without mittens- ouch!…