Is the world ready for green energy?

There is a global discussion on whether Green Energy should be employed on a large scale to provide power to the world we live in. Green energy is simply renewable energy that is collected from natural resources. The most commonly used type is wind and solar energy. One drawback of green energy is that it cannot be a constant 24/7 source. You simply can't always collect it when the sun doesn’t shine, or the wind doesn’t blow. Green energy is also sometimes inefficient in the generation of a lot of power when it is needed most. Sadly- there has been a lot of damage to the environment due to the use of fossil fuel as a source of energy. Global warming and pollution are key side effects of fossil fuel. Alternate power should to be used for the sake of our earth and our posterity. Green energy is known as clean energy because it’s completely environmental friendly. It was Alexandre Edmond Becquerel who discovered how to convert sunlight into electricity in 1839. Charles F. Brush who was born in 1878 is known for the construction of Ohio's first wind powered turbine. Lonnie G. Johnson, a former NASA and Air force engineer built several clean energy gadgets such as: The Johnson Thermo-electric Energy Converter.

solar panel

These are just a few names of those who made a difference in the Green Energy sector. Since green energy has more benefits than drawbacks, it’s a wonder that they aren’t welcome by the industrial power companies in this world. Renewable energy myths. The most important advantage to them is that these resources will never run out unlike fossil-based fuels. Green energy is eternally sustainable, thus we don’t have to worry about exhausting it anytime in the future either. Using renewable energy will also decrease the costs associated with generation of conventional energy. This is mainly attributed to alternate energy being derived from all-natural resources. Green energy will also lead to stable energy prices. Fossil fuel production causes violent price fluctuation that often increases in times of war and political unrest. The disadvantages of fossil fuel outweigh the advantages of a greener solution. Aside from the costs that are encountered with current fossil fuel prices, is it worth continual soaring prices paid in the future for dwindling supplies that are to follow? If we want to see a better tomorrow, it's time we implemented green energy on a large scale as soon as possible.