How close are we to have Androids living among us?

When we think of Androids, we often think of Star Wars and a distant future where we are surrounded by special droids which complete menial daily tasks. What we often mistake for artificial intelligence and Androids is overlooked by the modern technology that is already around us everyday! How could most live without their smartphone, the GPS direction finder in their car, or the internet provider that brings information to you within milliseconds. Some may beg to question whether there was life before Android phones? If you can’t remember, then you might ask your phone... Exactly the kind of futuristic devices we’ve all seen in Sci-Fi films that later will do all the cooking and ironing. And all it takes is that heart-attack moment when you think your phone is lost or stolen that brings reality home; that is the sobering realization when we once again see that even our phones effectively control our daily lives. While we all have future conspiracy theory fears about something that may control us, however- the rapid life-changing android revolution begs the question: where is the distinction between helpful artificial intelligence (Al) and robot aids? What does this bode for all future technology among the human race for that matter?

future of android in 2020

Google’s Android technology is firmly extended to all automobile apps, which later has led the Tesla Motor company incorporating a newer version of this into their vehicles. Talk about the ultimate smart-car! Now even your personal vehicle knows who, where and {most assuredly] what you are. Those days when autopilot was a speed control button are over, now your car will safely drive you to a destination all by itself! Another amazing bit of luck is having your phone know every detail about you, which is great for emergencies and keeping in touch with loved-ones, or even finding your way when you’re lost. The darker side of being responsible for this ultra-efficient connectivity could potentially also be the ultimate security risk. Effectively, there IS no place to hide, and this doesn’t just apply to ‘Big Brother’ watching you either... Android has played a huge role in connecting people across the world, but in doing so it has ironically also separated humans. We seek less and less human contact and require less from the outside world than ever before. Suddenly, all those whispers of conspiracy theories about the threat of robot aids (AI) don’t seem so far-fetched after all. They know what you like to watch, what you search for, and don’t think twice about making suggestions for you. If that is not the start of human control- we are doomed as a species! We are losing control of the very technology we wished for and is slowly telling us where to go and when to do it. Are we now the mice within the maze with artificial intelligence giving tips to where the finish line is?

As most people imagine, the existence of life-like human androids, born in laboratories across the world, is no secret. They go by names like Nadine, and Edgar and you would be hard-pressed to tell them from real people at a distance. Nadine even has a job as a receptionist at the Singapore Institute for Media innovation, where she resembles her creator Professor Nadia Thalmann. This kind of Android probably isn’t doing any ironing, but rather telling humans where to go. What nerve!