Bet you never knew a Tesla Coil Gun Existed?

There is no doubt that the new fan-made Tesla gun is something that is beyond cool. Nikolai Tesla is no doubt one of the most popular scientists ever born, however years and years after his death a new gun that was made by a geek is something that is totally a Marvel. Covered on Youtube by the guys over at Smarter Everyday, it runs on the principle of electrical resonant transformer circuits, and in simple terms, it shoots out electrical beams. This is a DIY project, and you can even build it yourself, provided you just make sure to know where you point it!

If you are familiar with the movie Ghostbusters, then this is exactly what this gun does in a scientific way. It can zap things near it with the electrical beam that shoots out of it just like in the blockbuster film. But instead of zapping Ghosts, it really distributes electrical sparks at a distance of nearly 1 meter! Tesla is considered the grandfather of high voltage experiments, and this is what a dedicated enthusiast, Cameron Prince used as the principal to make this gun. Showcased recently on the YouTube channel for Smarter Everyday, it is an invention that has hit the internet by storm and the attention it has generated is just overwhelming. You can make the gun too from this DIY video and dazzle your friends as well -with this technological marvel. Just be careful since electricity is dangerous if you don’t follow the rules exactly.

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There are a lot of Tesla inventions that we use in our everyday life that we don’t have a clue this is was in fact a Tesla invention. The most common one is actually what you are using to power on your home computer to read this right now. This is the Alternating Current (AC) that we always make use almost more than anything else in our lives. The three phase power which a lot of homes use nowadays is also as a result of Tesla as well as the induction AC motor that is common on a lot of machines that you use or come across on a daily basis.

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Tesla did envision a type of electric gun which was dubbed the ‘Death Ray’ but was actually imagined as more of a direct-energy weapon. It was supposed to be a preventative measure from anything within 200 miles which formed a wall of invisible energy to destroy (or disable) enemy forces that were approaching. Unlike the Hollywood versions you might have seen before, this Death Ray was never built, however the Military still refuses to disclose they have such a weapon to this day.