Actual Real-Life Inventions Inspired by Feature Films

Holograms- Believe it or not, Star Wars inspired the hologram. Ostendo Technologies Inc. has created a special projection allowing people to send holograms, similar to the Star Wars films.

star wars holograph

Self Operating Vacuums- You can thank self operating vacuums, like the Roomba, to the Jetsons. The company iRobot gained some serious inspiration from this popular TV show when they developed the revolutionary vacuum in 2002.


Earbuds- It is hard to imagine a life without earbuds. The famous film Fahrenheit 451 proposed the idea “thimble radios”, which later became earbuds.

bragi the dash touch control

Smartwatches- When Apple first came out with their line of high-tech watches, it quickly became the coolest accessory to own. In the movie, Dick Tracy, Tracy was able to use a nifty radio watch that helped him communicate with others that is eerily similar to the Apple Watch.


Video Calls- Blade Runner and 2001 featured video calls in their movies, something that seemed so cool when they first came out. Now video calls are almost as common as the regular old phone call thanks to FaceTiming.

balde runner

QuickTime- Star Trek is to blame for the invention of QuickTime according to Steve Perlman. This Apple employee was amazed when he saw Spock listening to music and soon replicated the idea by creating QuickTime.

Floppy Disks- Star Trek is also the basis behind the floppy disk. In Star Trek, main characters visibly use little disk filled with storage, which later proved to be the inspiration behind floppy disks.

star trek floppy disks

GPS- We can also thank Star Trek for getting us around without getting lost. The Enterprise’s ‘GPS’ influenced the actual GPS we use commonly in our cars everyday.

star trek gps

Organ Transplants- This life-saving medical breakthrough was incredibly discovered by taking inspiration from Frankenstein. Without the possibility of transplants, we would be incredibly behind in the world of medical breakthroughs.