We add the spice to the Inventive formula

There are many science news and update websites currently on the internet about all the latest inventions in our world? So what makes invention news more interesting? We’re all combined experts and professionals with European backgrounds forming a solid resource team that not only curates the newest inventions and science news from all over the world, but also presenting it to you in a way that is easy to read and simple to understand. Our mission is to allow our readers to participate in the ever changing world of science and technology by bringing them the latest news and developments. Also celebrating our heritage, we like to include historical icons that changed this world for the better.

Who we are- What we do:

Lazzaro Lettiere: Content Curator

Our content curator has extensive experience in finding out new science and invention-based content from around the globe. His years of experience and qualifications give him the edge over other curators. What makes him stand out are his skills to understand what science news is worth talking about and what inventions need to be taken seriously. His honest view of science and technology is the same kind of energy you might get when an inventor presents their discovery to the world.

Matthew Alekseeva: Scientist

Our in-house scientist helps the content curator check the collected information for accuracy. Respectfully, he has numerous years of experience in the field with an illustrious degree from Cornell University. Not only can this scientist verify science news, but also advises us on all the possible scientific matters. While he has also published numerous research documents and white paper scientific topics in the past, he enjoys the article driven themes meant for the internet that affect us today, and those that may affect us in the future.

Claudia Baum: Inventions Specialist

What else could you ask for- except an inventions specialist who assists our content curator. Bringing you forward into the latest innovations from the field of science and technology. She also is tasked with verifying facts and double checking for possible fraud-like inventions that seem too dubious, this is one invention specialist that does it all. She has an impeccable reputation in the office for keeping everything running on schedule. Even the coffee machine settings are set to perfection!

Abbie Lawrence: Publisher

Our incredible publisher Abbie is the one who has the final say on what we publish. With several years of extensive experience as a science editor, our publisher is not only a subject matter expert -but is also someone who understands the reader's pulse. Along with the combined talent of our content curator, scientist, and inventions specialist, this publisher aims to bring you science news that is relevant to the inventions that are practical and entertaining.

Together our team is dedicated to bringing you totally new scientific discoveries and inventions you might never have heard of before. Whether you're a student, a university fellow, or a science expert, feel free to contact us with your views and opinions on the content we publish. If there is an invention you want to hear more about, or just have a general question- don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

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