Inventors are people too!


The border between imagination and innovation is one concept that any inventor must ask themselves before delving into the unknown. To those who have a dream or have dared to imagine a possible reality, inventions are the final creation of something that did not exist before. is dedicated to the inspiration behind human creativity and explores the far reaches of invention itself.

Who qualifies as an inventor? Are they imagined as crackpots (like Doc Brown in Back to the Future) who walk the line of sanity, or are they twisted scientists who like to play god (like Victor Frankenstein)

The strange shadow that deepens the image of what we consider to be an inventor is not an easy explanation overall. Let us take you on a trip through history to discover who are the real inventors, where they came from, and what they contributed to the world.

Inventions are useful to everyone since they improve and make our life easier in some way, shape or form. Some of the best inventions we’ve seen in the last decade include smartphones and tablets. What appeared to be a futuristic devices seen from the classic Star Trek TV series in the 1960’s are now everyday communication devices with the power of a home-based computer. Not every invention ends-up being useful though as such concepts like Green Energy and Sustainable Energy have proven to so many that these innovations can work on a greater scale, they are subject to corporate politics rather than being viable options for global usage.

Some inventions might sound too fantastic than they promise and there’s been plenty of them throughout history; For example, who could envision the rapid development of online gambling games and casinos on the Internet? And now, in 2016 – there are even virtual reality casinos and you can play all kinds of games on your mobile and tablet. (One such site is, where players can try their luck and play slots online for free and with real money). Some people have been fooled by these machines which promise perpetual energy which is something big corporations often look to exploit. We take a closer look at who get fooled in the end with more invention articles we’ve added. Also you’ll get a fun background tour of the history of Italian inventors you probably didn’t think were responsible for creating inventions we use everyday, only these were invented more than 80-100+ years ago!

If it’s been invented and captures our imagination like nothing else, we want to share that story here. Let us know about inventions that have inspired or amazed you. is where creative genius is celebrated first. We hope you enjoy our site and invite you to share these invention stories with your friends too.